Mark your Calendar!

This year we have our annual Australian Prophetic Summit with prophets from all over the nation from 3rd-5th November 2016.

As an Australian Council, we relate with Cindy Jacobs who runs the American Council of prophetic Elders, and Stacey Campbell who runs the Canadian Council. The Council has Che Ahn, James Goll and Brian Simmons as Apostolic fathers who provide us with counsel and encouragement. Tom and I were commissioned as HIM Apostles by Che Ahn, James Goll, Charles Stock, Bill Johnson, and Peter Wagner in June 2012 and we continue in close formal relationship with them.

It is so wonderful to have prophets from different denominations and streams coming together to proclaim the word of the Lord for the nation. I hope you can join us at the Summit this year!

Katherine Ruonala

For More Information On The Summit CLICK HERE


Who Are We?

Katherine and Tom Ruonala
From time to time prophetic words have spread through the Australian church that produce reactions of fear and panic in the hearts of many believers. It is our opinion that by creating a platform by which the word of the Lord can be weighed and amplified (2 Cor 13:1, 1 Cor 14:29, 1 Cor 13:9) by respected apostolic and prophetic leaders, words of hope and strategic vision can be circulated within the wider Christian Community. Australia can then start to receive the “prophet’s reward” that comes from recognising Australian prophets with confidence.

By interacting with national prayer groups and initiatives, it is the hope of the APC that respected prophetic words will be declared, proclaimed and circulated, producing hope and vision for the nation.

The APC is made up of prophetic voices that already have some level of national or international recognition and influence as well as of apostles, national prayer leaders and emerging prophetic voices. While we acknowledge that there are no doubt other significant prophets in the nation, the APC has begun with those with whom we are relationally connected. By fostering these important relational connections across denominations, we hope to encourage and support the recognition of Australian Prophetic Voices.


Katherine and Tom Ruonala
Council Coordinators