The Intercessory Owls and the Prophetic Eagles
Jenny Hagger

I heard the Lord say ‘I am calling the owls to go deeper into the night.’

As I was meditating on this word the Lord added another; ‘I am calling the eagles to fly higher by day’.

I realized this prophecy was to encourage the intercessors and prophets.

The Intercessory Owls
The Lord is calling his intercessors to go deeper into the night Watches, to become late night owls meeting with the Lord in the third and fourth Watches (12am-3am, 3am-6am). Psalm 63:6, Psalm 119:148

Owls have the sharpest night vision of any animal and their hearing is very sensitive. They fly low to the ground, quickly able to swoop down on their prey of snakes and mice without being heard, taking them by surprise.

God is giving the night watch intercessors eyes of discernment that pierce the darkness in the silence of the night, the ability to sensitively hear the voice of the Lord, and the anointing to take the enemy by surprise.

I saw battle lines being broken during the fourth Watch as the dawn approached. The Lord of the breakthrough was breaking through, the Son rising over the new day in victory. 1 Chron. 14:11

This is a word in season, as the owl is the symbol of wisdom. Throughout December Intercessors from nations relating to the Global Watch are praying through the book of Proverbs as part of Daniel’s Cry: Wisdom’s Call. The night visions being released by the Lord are not only powerful but strategic.

The Prophetic Eagles
Whilst owls fly low over the darkened landscape, the prophetic eagles are being empowered to take hold of the updraft that takes them on a much higher trajectory by day. ‘Come up here’, is the command. Revelation 4:1

We will see a new release of the eagle-eyed prophets in 2017. The army of the Lord cannot proceed without them. God has been preparing some of them in the wilderness where they fled wounded and confused, weakened by persecution. The Lord is calling ‘It is time to come out of the wilderness!’ I saw in a vision many returning into the waiting arms of spiritual fathers and mothers whom they could trust to continue training and equipping them. Psalm 105:15

These eagles will deliver powerful revelation and proclamation that will at times shake those in the church who only see at ground level. The eagles will not be intimidated because they will have flown high enough to see the broader Kingdom aspect, giving them clear revelation.

Some of these eagles have already been released. They played a significant role in the USA elections. They did not back down under pressure. They knew what the Father had shown them. Courageous, strong, unrelenting.

They were the forerunners of what is to come among the prophetic eagles across the nations.

Finally, the Lord revealed that there is a connection between the night owls keeping the Fire on the altar – Leviticus 6:12 – and the eagles being released by day. The hidden work of the owls is bringing empowerment to the eagles, and both will bring strength to the end time battle.