Lana Vawser

Recently the Lord spoke to me and He said “A remnant is now rising that have been trained in the caves.”

I saw two groups in this remnant. The first was those who the Lord had taken them into a cave for a season of deep hiddenness and a season of deep intimacy with Him. I then also saw a group of people who were hiding in caves because they were either out on the frontline and Jezebel has come after them full force and they have run for their lives and hidden in these caves. Some have been there a short time and some have been there a long time.

In those two ‘groups’ if you can call them that, I saw them as a remnant that the Lord has been working VERY deeply on in these caves. I saw that whether they were in the cave the Lord took them into or they were hiding in fear, there was a HUGE YES that was being released from their hearts. Despite what was going on, they were still crying out with a YES to Him to have deep intimacy with Him.


In the YES that they were giving to the Lord in their intimacy, that pure cry to simply know Him, to know His love, to know His presence, there has been a DEEP hunger for Jesus, despite the questions and what has been swirling around them for years and especially recently.

There was one MAJOR MAIN theme in this training and it was STEWARDSHIP!!!!!!! I saw the Lord teaching these ones how to steward His presence and Glory with such purity. How to steward HIS HEART with such care, such sensitivity and such integrity. Stewarding His presence, the revelation of His heart and His Word with such humility, character and integrity. There was a very deep purity of heart about these ones. They have often been rejected by man because of their devotion to Jesus, but they live in a place of such deep intimacy with Jesus, they really know what it is to walk with God. The lord has been protecting them for such a time as this. Some of them have begun to leave the caves and some of them are about to leave the caves. The KEY was learning