The Lord spoke to me this morning that there is a GREAT RETURNING to past prophetic words right now. He is specifically leading His people back to prophetic words of the past as He is not only releasing resurrection power through them but a DOUBLE PORTION IMPARTATION and MANIFESTATION of them.

The Lord then brought this word from one year ago before me today to repost as He is releasing DOUBLE PORTION UPGRADES!


During worship I had a vision and saw many of the people of God in “unfamiliar” in the sense of wondering what the Lord is doing, and for some they have felt like they have been “wandering”, their sense of direction has been shaken.

For others, they were stepping into areas of breakthrough that were bigger than they had imagined and fear and intimidation has been screaming at them on every side.

I saw Jesus calling His people to a “threshold” and in order to move cross the threshold they had to take His hand and step off the edge and the “next step” wasn’t highlighted yet. An even deeper level of trust was the “currency” to crossing over this new threshold.

As the people of God took His hand in faith trusting in His GOODNESS and His faithfulness, and stepped out, an SHIFT was instantly activated. A shift into greater divine upgrades. Not only were dreams being upgraded, promises of God added to with greater increase, but explosive breakthrough of divine upgrades in little areas of their lives. Upgrades happening in the natural all around them as a prophetic symbol of what was happening in the spirit. As I wondered about this divine upgrade, I was suddenly filled with the sense of the people of God taking a greater step further into their inheritance.

“He’s marked out our inheritance ahead of time, putting us in the front of the line, honouring those He loves!” – Psalm 47:4 (The Passion Translation)

As the people of God were stepping into greater levels of upgrade, I saw Jesus standing before them and I heard Him say “ENJOY AND DEPLOY” and a SUDDEN NEW positioning of the people of God was taken place. They were being DEPLOYED for action. When I asked Jesus what the action was, He looked at me with a great smile and beaming joy and He spoke.. “LOVE IN ACTION”.

The Lord began to show me that these divine upgrades being released across the body of Christ as the people of God move forward in faith and deep trust in Him, they are being given “more” and the Lord wants His people to ENJOY that what He is releasing to them to have JOY in what their good Papa is releasing over their lives, but to also recognise that these upgrades are coming with strategic positioning to RELEASE HIS LOVE IN ACTION through the upgrades. I began seeing the people of God “handing things out” in the natural and the spirit and radical the love of God was beginning to spread into towns, cities, nations and the world in a radical way.

“Through this greater HAND OUT from HEAVEN I am REACHING MY HAND FURTHER OUT to the world..”

Keep walking with Him, for the Lord is moving His people into greater upgrades. He is reaching His hand further out into your life bringing increase and upgrade, and THROUGH YOU, He is reaching His hand FURTHER OUT to release the revelation of His love to those around you and the world.

You are taking a strategic place right now! Trust Him! It may not “look” how you expected but there is a divine upgrade before you. For not only will enjoy a deeper revelation of seeing His goodness in the land of the living (Psalm 27:13) but that this is also BIGGER than you. He is REACHING OUT THROUGH YOU to release His love in new and more powerful ways than you have seen before.