Lana Vawser

As I spent time with Jesus today as Rosh Hashanah is upon us I had a vision where I saw Jesus coming into the lives of believers and He was dressed as a warrior and had a HUGE SWORD in His hand.

“The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is His name” – Exodus 15:3

He moved towards God’s people with such intentionality and victory. Each one of His steps was like the most skilled of warriors. His eyes FULL OF FIRE!!! As He moved towards God’s people He was wielding His sword back and forth. Every move SO precise. Every move made with perfect intention. The sense surrounded me that the Lord has been working deeply in the hearts and souls of His people in the last month, digging at roots and areas of demonic assault, all preparation for what He was about to do.

I then noticed that around the hands and feet of God’s people were what looked like “vines”. As He moved towards them wielding His sword with such authority He spoke “YOU WILL NO LONGER BE DEFINED BY THE VINES”.

These vines were things that have continued to “grab hold” of God’s people. Over and over and over again. The things that have caused God’s people to feel like they are going around the mountain with it for the HUNDREDTH TIME. Those very things that just “haven’t let go” and in the past little while have made their “presence known” more than ever. These “vines” have been with God’s people for SO LONG that many are feeling DEFINED by the VINES. I could hear declarations in the spirit from God’s people over themselves and others.. things like “Oh (insert name) she always does that”… or “Oh (insert name) she has bad health issues”… or “Oh (insert name) she always struggles with that).. or “Oh (insert name) that’s just become his lot”.. or “I’m going to deal with this forever.. this is never going to leave me or get better”. There was such a war happening over God’s people in regards to these VINES attempting to DEFINE them. They are looking for “agreement”. Many have continued to stand in declaration of their identity in Christ despite the vines, but have now become so weary of the constant ‘tugging’ of these vines that they have stopped fighting and begun to ‘accept them’.

With all this happening, Jesus turns up, as the WARRIOR KING, sword in hand and I see Him beginning to literally SEVER these vines. The atmosphere was so full of His VICTORY and NOTHING being able to stand against Him or His Word. As He severs them He is declaring ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!! Fresh new start, waters now part, divine severance, completion and finality.”

The atmosphere around me was full of the sense of a completely new beginning. Not just in “one area” but a total overhaul, complete freedom. The Lord is coming with His sword. He is separating soul from spirit, and He is severing the vines. What has held many of you back for so long, those continual ‘tugging vines’ that have not relented, but they are being SEVERED in this new beginning, this fresh “NEW YEAR” according to the Jewish Calendar.

There will be a “lightness” and “ease” that will manifest and flourish within your hearts, souls and lives as these vines are severed. Where there has been torment of mind and heart from these vines, where there has been anxiety and despair from these vines, it’s all going to melt away and the JOY of the Lord will RETURN.

As these vines were severed, I saw God’s people rising up in such a greater awakening of their identity and victory in Jesus, but the one thing that struck me was their eyes full of fire, the same fire that was in the eyes of Jesus as He moved towards them at the beginning of the vision.

This new beginning is going to see the people of God rise up with SWORDS in their hands, holding strongly to the Word of God like never before and storming the gates of hell and terrorising the enemy. The Lord is going to release divine justice and payback to His people and through His people as they move out to slay the giants in the new land. A significant shift is taking place of moving God’s people further into the OFFENSIVE position against the enemy. Satan is really going to be reminded more than ever of his defeat in this season as the WARRIOR ARMY OF JESUS further take their place.