Lana Vawser

OVERHAUL: To take apart, to examine, to repair, to refurbish, remodel, modernise, refit, recondition, to overtake, go faster than

The Lord is really moving and shaking things around right now and there is a sense of “transition” that is resting upon God’s people again in a heavier way than before. Don’t be discouraged by this feeling. The Lord spoke to me and said that this is a HOLY SPIRIT OVERHAUL and we need to trust Him in His shifting, changing and rearranging.

The way He is shifting things, the way He is moving things, for some of you, in the natural it can look ‘discouraging’ – that feeling of being in ‘transition’ again and not knowing where things are going etc, but hold tight and live deep in surrender for the Holy Spirit is repairing the broken places. He is remodelling, He is modernising/upgrading, He is reconditioning to position you in greater increase and to move in greater acceleration in the wind of the Spirit.

This HOLY SPIRIT OVERHAUL will bring you to a greater place of wholeness. You will find greater strength in Him. Where you have been assaulted over and over by the enemy, this Holy Spirit overhaul in your mind, soul, body and circumstances is going to be assault after assault after assault on the enemy through the miracles, breakthrough, divine healing and signs and wonders that are now bubbling up in momentum and starting to manifest.

Allow Him to have His way. Live deep in the secret place of intimacy with Jesus and let Him have His perfect way, because He is actually positioning you for MORE than you have asked Him for. You are going to know what it means to live in greater wholeness and ascension. This really is the moment many have been waiting for. This complete Holy Spirit overhaul is going to bring radical transformation to lives and circumstances. His Glory is about to reshape all the ‘wounded’ parts and lives and circumstances will look almost unrecognisable once He is done.

Prosperity will be in your land and excellence shall be the banner as you submit to the deep workings of the Holy Spirit in this glorious overhaul. No longer shall you be known as one who runs FROM the enemy and circumstances but one who runs TOWARDS.

Things are about to change VERY quickly in this Holy Spirit overhaul. Divine quantum leaps and transformations are upon you!