Lana Vawser

Prophets of His heart, the intense fear swirling and the tormenting thoughts and waves of dread…. it‘s not you! The enemy is speaking such crafty lies, attempting to imitate the Lord’s voice, to look like “an angel of light” but you will know it’s not the Lord by the fruit – the voice is bringing INCREDIBLE CONFUSION (“Is this the Lord?” etc) fear, torment, anxiety, heaviness and lack of peace. Continue to ask for discernment from the Lord.

The enemy is attempting to intimidate and shut you down. To cause you to run and hide because you are transitioning into a whole new realm of FAVOUR. Hold on, keep decreeing the Word, don’t agree with the dread and the lies, God is breaking through with His love to bring peace and strength and release you further into the DOUBLE PORTION favour, anointing and breakthrough.