Lana Vawser

There is an attack happening write now against many WRITERS (I saw this as all types of writers from song writers, to prophetic writers, to blog writers, to script writers etc) and PIONEERS (Those of you are breaking ground in new lands and areas that haven’t been dug out before. – path finders/visionaries). You have been targeted by the enemy, because you are in TRANSITION to move into a whole new MISSION and a whole new realm of favour and influence.

The enemy is using situations, circumstances and things around you to attempt to bring you into CHAINS OF ANXIETY. I saw the words in the spirit:

“There is an ATTACK being released against the writers and pioneers right now. The enemy is looking for AGREEMENT with what he is releasing and whispering to LOCK DOWN My WRITERS and PIONEERS in ANXIETY ATTACKS, when this is the moment right now, that they are going to fly higher in their awakening of who I am, their identity in Me and their destiny. Revelation is going to flow in great force like never before and the enemy is attempting to BLOCK UP the DAM.”

Recently I ministered in Melbourne and my friend Roma Waterman shared a dream where the Lord gave her a strategy in the midst of attack to turn her back on the enemy, don’t even look at Him and turn face towards Jesus and WORSHIP. The enemy was destroyed as she worshipped in this dream.

As I saw this attack against the WRITERS and the PIONEERS coming upon them in force, there was one thing I noticed. The enemy could “orchestrate anxiety” in the atmosphere, but he was LOOKING for AGREEMENT. He was looking for the writers and pioneers to AGREE with the anxiety, the fear and the lies, he was looking for wrong beliefs and soul issues so he could bring a “lock down” and increase anxiety in significant ways.

The atmosphere around many writers and pioneers has become so intense, there is so much fear, turbulence and anxiety swirling all around it is causing many to want to give up or run and hide. Do NOT run and HIDE. Many of you are wondering what’s wrong or what you have done wrong. Turn your back on the atmosphere, turn your back on the lies, turn your back on the fear, turn your back on whatever it is that is attempting to ‘lock you down’ in this anxiety and WORSHIP Jesus!!!! The atmosphere will shift!! YOU are an atmosphere CHANGER! As you WORSHIP Jesus, He is DEALING WITH and HEALING the issues of heart, soul and mind where this strategic attack is attempting to land and He is breaking the arrows being shot against you.

This attack is bringing confusion, dread, unsettledness, weariness, an anxiety of mind that makes you feel like you’re going crazy and an incredible sense of wanting to give up; but stand your ground, because you are actually in TRANSITION to a NEW MISSION that is opening up before you.

I saw fire falling on pens, on computers, laptops, iPads, notepads, journals in significant increase. I saw PATHS that PIONEERS are carving out were SET ON FIRE. Such significant revelation of His love is upon you! Such significant cleansing, purifying and refining is taking place in your life right now. He is refining, shaping, moulding and extending you through this transition for the NEXT MISSION He has for you. New doors and new floors are before you!

Writers and Pioneers, new levels of favour are upon you!!! What is happening is two fold. God is dealing with issues of heart, soul and mind and bringing healing, but the enemy is also attempting to lock you down into major anxiety so you will not move forward. Worship will see you BREAK FREE and move forward in INCREASE.