Lana Vawser

HIJACK: commandeer, seize, take over, take possession of

I have had a deep stirring in me the past few days regarding “seeming” delays and “closed doors”. I could feel the atmosphere so “swirly” with heartache, disappointment and despair over “apparent roadblocks” that have risen up in the paths of God’s people to “stop them from moving forward” into what the Lord had showed them was their promise and breakthrough. A spirit and fear and dread has been whispering “negative and false outcomes” to attempt to hijack the next ‘shift’ that is upon God’s people.

This deep stirring that I have had has been that the Lord is UP TO SOMETHING! Do not look at these “apparent roadblocks” and “closed doors” as the END of the story, I saw them as RAMPS TO INCREASE.

I then hear the words “Holy Spirit Hijack” and this incredible sense fills my heart that the Lord is “taking over”. That He is working WITHIN the dreams of His people and the promises He has released to them, but there is a SOVEREIGN TAKE OVER that’s happening right now, and it’s not a BAD THING, it’s the most GLORIOUS thing because you are being POSITIONED FOR INCREASE. These delays and closed doors may look like “red lights” but I saw many of these actually being the trigger point in His divine hijack to release the breakthrough to go further and higher than you ever have.

I saw many standing in the land of “there is nothing I can do about this; this will only change when HE shows up!!”. As I am watching many standing in the “land” and feeling so deflated and discouraged, I hear the Lord say “Do not despise the DELAY or the apparent ROADBLOCK. In the natural it may look like you you are “stuck” or the “door has closed”. The natural is declaring “DELAY” but the REALITY is I am declaring BIGGER BREAKTHROUGH’S than you have even believed for are UPON YOU!!!! The “roadblock” and “closed door” in the natural is simply setting you up to see My power and Glory bring miracles and breakthrough into your life like you have never seen.” (Ephesians 3:20)

The Holy Spirit is HIJACKING things in the most GLORIOUS way!!!! Trust Him!!! He is leading you into miracles, greater abundance, provision and increase than you have ever carried. You are now moving into another divine ‘tipping point’ moment, where you will stand in the land of breakthrough and look around and shout from the mountaintops praise to Him and testifying to His power. For as He has hijacked and rearranged, what you are now standing is more amazing and glorious than you have ever imagined or dreamed and it has HIS fingerprints all over it!!!!!!!