Warrior, return to the porch
Mandy Woodhouse

I had a vision months ago of the children of God who had been at war and who stopped and put down their swords in order to sit in a big wooden swing on the front porch with their Abba . I had a very strong sense that God’s preference for his Warriors was to just sit with Him for awhile rather than being in the constant fight. To sit as a child let God be Himself – a big, strong Daddy that is safe and secure.

I heard Graham Cooke make a statement recently regarding God being our refuge when we are at war, and how this is a key part of our identity. His statement made me think more about this vision, and I heard the Spirit speak boldly regarding my own identity. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say to me, “You are a child before you are a warrior.”

This is a word for God’s people during this season of onslaught. The kingdom of God is a better, more real version of the Earthly Kingdom that we live in. In the natural realm, a soldier or military person would run straight into battle without a second thought and not retreat. That is how they are trained and that is what we see with our natural eyes. But the Heavenly Kingdom calls for us to retreat first and then fight with greater power after we have rested in His lap for awhile. God has been pulling my attention in the past year toward those who see themselves as Warriors in the Spirit and He has called me to pray for them in order that they would remember that they are also sons and daughters. We must not forget that we are a child before we are a warrior.

As we know war is inevitable. But when war comes against us – before we go out and meet it head on – we must first run to our Safe Place. Psalm 18:10 says it best: The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous runs to it and is safe and set on high [far above evil] (Amplified). When you march into His Presence as a child He sends you out as more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37).

Sometimes what may feel like a retreat is actually what we were made for. We find strength in our Strong Tower, in Abba’s lap where we can just be a child first. The enemy loves to twist this truth and make us feel like we look weak or fearful, but the truth is that there is LIFE and POWER in the Refuge.

We have swords and we have weapons (Ephesians 6), but our greatest resource is found in our identity as child. If we do not know (or believe fully) this identity we will be in a constant battle wielding swords that are too heavy for us, having feeble arms and camping in constant weariness. We must remember that we are CHILDREN BEFORE WARRIORS, and that our strength and victory is found in Abba’s lap and not in our ability to fight, intercede, prophesy or carry a sword.