Rebecca Damianopoulos

As I laid down to go to sleep a couple of nights ago the presence of God overwhelmed me and I heard the Father say, “An undercurrent of my love is coming. It’s coming to pull them into my love and into deeper relationship with me.”

There is a fresh, new season of deeper intermacy with the father being released and it’s going to take people into a place they have never been before.

In the spirit I saw a beach and a deep current pulling out into the deep. It started from the very shore line. I felt like God is about to move in a fresh way and there is an anointing of convergence about to be released. People are going to meet Jesus like they have never met him before.

There is a lift of spiritual encounters being released that is going to cause people to be gripped by the love of the Father and flood into the kingdom.

There is a rising tide of radical lovers of Jesus. Those that were on the edge are going to be on fire for God and he will visit those that weren’t even looking for him.

New levels of revelation and visitation are coming and it’s going to interrupt lives causing them to see him. He is jealous of his lovers. He is passionate for his children. He designed them to know him and he is on the path to draw them to himself.

Let the heavens declare his majesty. He is longing for his children to love on! He has heard the cry of his people who don’t feel they fit, something is missing or they don’t know who they are because they don’t know him yet. The Father is coming to answer their cry and meet their every need. He is coming to complete the puzzle of people hearts whether they know him yet or not.

So get ready to receive people into the kingdom. Get ready to fall more in love with Jesus and get ready to have your heart for filled! The bride groom has come and he is waking up his bride.