To God’s prophets and to the nations

Like superman, batman, bat-woman and other superheroes, the previously hidden justice league prophets are coming out of the hiding, they will put on their uniform which declares their mission, and will not take it off.!

Some well-known prophets will have a change of message and focus, God requires flexibility and a willingness to take off the old garment and put on the new so that his prophets can walk into the new thing.

The previously marginalised people will break out,
These marginalised people, the homeless and the indigenous peoples of many nations, the poor and the despised will arise as anointed superheroes and God will speak through them, many will be astonished that God would use such people, and God will mightily anoint these new voices to show his glory.

There will be revival in refugee camps!

The nations previously in danger of destruction will arise in repentance because of the message of repentance, that will be shouted throughout the regions and nations. This message will be cloaked in God’s love, and revelation of God’s love will open the eyes of the deceived and melt the hardened hearts. The atheists, prodigals and rebellious Christians will respond with genuine repentance.

It’s a Day of the Daniels, the prophets who won’t settle for tickling the ears of their listeners, or compromise. They’ve been through captivity, repression, attempted control, but have spoken their assigned message without regard for the controls, opinions and repressions of people. They have kept their integrity, and the lions of death have had not power over them, and cannot even open their mouths. The assignment of death has been against many of them, but God has intervened to break the power of that assignment.

Their wisdom and integrity will be respected, along with their unwillingness to compromise. They will be placed as statesman advisors next to heathen kings and presidents in Australia and the Us, the UK, and Germany. The wounds from previous wars will be broken off the UK and Germany in this season. Both will rise as strongly Christian nations. Even as there is a new alignment of nations in Europe, so the spiritual alignments of nations will change.
It’s Day of the reluctant Jonahs who, for whatever reason, don’t want to give a message of impending judgement even when they know God is saying it, and requiring it of them.

These Jonahs will repent of their stubbornness when God confronts them through circumstances, but also through a clearer discernment of God’s grace.

God loves these prophets, they are close to his heart because they have great insight, even special insight, into the causes of God’s judgement and don’t have their eyes cloaked in political correctness. They will have a cloak of grace and love which will soak their message in hope.

The scales of justice will come into balance. Mercy and grace will not overpower truth, God’s truth will be spoken clearly. Greasy grace offends God’s heart, and dishonours the cross, God calls his prophets to establish holiness and scriptural balance.

The Jonah type of prophet will break the deception off the current generation, The “every man does what is right in his own eyes” generation will see clear boundaries of righteousness and align themselves with them. Judges 17:6. Their ability to discern and speak truth will break down the stronghold of deception.
These Jonah prophets are prone to introspection and negative emotions, [Jonah was unhappy because although he had included a redemptive message, he felt like the fact that God saved Ninevah, discounted his message], God is calling his prophets to arise out of soul reactions when their words don’t appear to have been heard, those words which seemed to fall to the ground will now activate, and those people who did not listen, will turn from their sin, back to their God and their destiny.

The mocking voices which speak against true prophets and their messages will be silenced- spirits of mockery, the Sanballats and Tobiahs, will be silenced. Those who mock Gods’ work and his ministers will be rendered ineffective as Elijah type power encounters and the miraculous reveal the one true God.

Revival will break out with repentance of large groups of people, spontaneously, and not led by an individual. God has placed undercover agents in regions for such a time as this, their prayers have held back judgement and now the revival harvest is ready, the crop will spring up overnight and the tears of repentance will water the harvest and the fruit of multiple salvations will appear.

It’s a hasten, hasten, hasten season. Amos 9:13, the plowman overtaking the reaper ,as the wind of the spirit moves world events faster and faster. Be on alert, watch and don’t sleep at your post.

It’s a Joel season, multitudes in the valley of decision will make their move out of indecision into total commitment. Joel 3:14. No fence sitters, no lukewarm as God requires us to speak the whole truth of his word.

A Season to declare the promises of Joel , as we see that book unfold before our very eyes. God will restore previous Godly nations back to their spiritual inheritance and the demon of compromise will crash down, the demon of selfishness will fall, the demon of deception will fall wherever this message is accepted by nations, people groups and churches.