The Lionheart

How do you see yourself? God sees you ‘made in His image’!! What does that look like……….I’m going to share one aspect that He showed me!

This morning in the Father’s presence a powerful vision seemed to explode before me.
The majestic face of the Lion of Judah suddenly appeared, and all around Him and through Him was a massive realm of fire; flames of unquenchable holy fire, and the words were spoken “Our God is a consuming Fire”!!

Then from within that fiery vision the actual face of the Lion became like a ‘branding iron’ – and I watched as it moved forward and pressed into the hearts of God’s people, deeply etching His fiery image into the very essence of who you really are………
And finally I heard the words – ‘I AM ROARING OVER YOU’ !!!

Amos 3:8 says – ‘The Lion has roared, who will not fear, the sovereign Lord has spoken, who can but prophesy’
Hosea 11:10 – ‘They will follow the Lord, He will roar like a Lion’

The Lion of Judah IS courage, He is confidence, He is boldness, He represents all authority and He is THE conquering victorious KING; and He comes in flames of living fire to burn His passion and His zeal into your heart!

I saw as He became a burning Firebrand to mark you as His very own and impress you deeply within your innermost being with His unquenchable FIRE. That fire purifies and at the same time awakens you to His desires and impassioned love for you in a whole new level; and the BOLDNESS and COURAGE needed to accomplish His purposes on this earth, are literally being branded into YOU!!!

2Cor 5:21 – ‘You are the righteousness of God in Christ’
Prov 28:1 – ‘The righteous are as bold as a lion’

The Lion has ROARED and His voice will be heard in all the earth, and He has marked His own with HIS fiery ‘Lionheart’ image to strengthen, encourage, impassion, embolden and fire up the heart and soul of His living church to this generation.


Wendy McKaskill is a co-Director of Joyce Meyer Ministries Australia/Pacific Rim, alongside her husband Tom. She is a prophetic Intercessor and has activated and lead many prayer teams throughout her ministry in a number of churches. Wendy is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council and is passionate for God’s people to discover their intrinsic value and identity in Him. But above all this she carries a deep yearning for an explosion of revelation of the Father’s passionate and tender love for His people.