He Sits Enthroned Above The Circle of the Earth
Wendy McKaskill

We are witnessing and about to witness momentous historical shifts in the nations of the Earth, and within that, Father has a wonderful plan for YOU…….be encouraged as He speaks to your heart so tenderly, and embraces you with supernatural comfort and fresh hope.

I recently was given a vision of Jesus as our good Shepherd, stepping down from heaven and coming to stand face to face before someone who represented each one of us. With the utmost gentleness and compassionate care He cupped the person’s face in His beautiful healing hands and very tenderly kissed the top of this beloved one’s forehead….imparting deep comfort.

Take hold of this scripture that He told me to share with you from Isaiah 40….

“Comfort, comfort My people says your God. Speak tenderly to the heart of my people and cry to them that their season of warfare and hard service has ended….”

He is not implying that we will be challenge free or that problems will cease. He is saying that the season has dramatically changed and as we look to Him our perspective will quickly become more and more like His, and we will come to realise that we are indeed more than a conqueror and an overcomer because of our position ‘in Him’.

We will find it much easier to rest back in Him and to entrust Him to fight for us and deal with issues that have stymied us for so long. Our hope in Him will be renewed as we sense a clearer and much stronger connection with the Holy Spirit and an enhancement of our relationship with Him.

We will become much more aware of His tender loving kindness toward us and those around us, as our desire for Him increases, and in this sweet place of deeper surrender to Him we will actually begin to experience who we really are – our rightful IDENTITY – as we will understand by personal revelation how to ‘STAY CLOTHED WITH JESUS’ and know experientially that He is ‘CHRIST WITHIN US’ in a whole upgraded level of Holy Spirit revelation.

Just prior to the U.S.A. elections, I was shown a very powerful vision of JESUS ENTHRONED as THE KING OF KINGS – ‘WHO SITS ABOVE THE CIRCLE OF THE EARTH’ (Isaiah 40:22). This same scripture goes on to say –

“He who brings dignitaries to nothing, Who makes the judges and the rulers of the Earth as emptiness and falsity. Yes these men are scarcely planted, scarcely are they sown when the Lord blows upon them and they wither, and the whirlwind takes them away like stubble.

Why do you say, my way and my lot are hidden from the Lord, and my right is past over without regard from my God?

Have you not known, have you not heard? THE EVERLASTING GOD, THE LORD, THE CREATOR OF THE ENDS OF THE EARTH, DOES NOT FAINT OR GROW WEARY, there is no searching of His understanding.

He gives power to the faint and weary, and to him who has no might, He increases strength (causing it to multiply, and making it to abound).

This stunning vision of Him as THE KING OF KINGS, ENTHRONED ABOVE THE CIRCLE OF THE EARTH, is still fresh every morning, because it’s time, it’s time to see our KING in greater definition – HIGH AND LIFTED UP – because that’s who He is – above and over all – AND WE ARE RIGHT THERE WITH HIM, POSITIONED IN HIS AUTHORITY. Believe it and take it, and pray from that place of victory and REST.

YOU are more than a conqueror, YOU are an overcomer, YOU will do mighty exploits for your KING, as you continue to look to Him above all else, and know that HE alone is your Stronghold, your Resting Place, your Strength and your Source.