Wendy McKaskill

The Lord is heralding a specific call right now to those who hear this call, as His burning ones……

You will experience (and are beginning to experience) a powerful ‘burning bush’ encounter, either as a suddenly or as a process, and this experience will be a ‘POINT OF ENTRY’ where you will be made deeply and succinctly aware of God’s fiery presence, of His FIRE; and you will intentionally draw aside to ‘ENTER IN’ to behold that FIERCE FLAME and begin to understand from a much higher and deeper viewpoint, the incredible beauty and drawing power and purity of that relentless all-consuming FIRE!!!

The intensity of this FLAME will purify your desire for Him as you intentionally step in! It will be breathtakingly awesome, and paradoxically it will revive the old dry bones!!
As you allow His FIRE to enter into your heart afresh He says……..

“Place ME now as a seal of FIRE over your heart forevermore,
this living consuming flame of fire will seal you to be MINE as a prisoner of LOVE!’
My love for you will be stronger than the chains of death and the grave.
My love for you will be consuming,
As the very flashes of FIRE
from the burning heart of God.
Place this fierce, unrelenting FIRE over all your being
It will stop at nothing, as you yield everything to this furious FIRE,
LIKE A SACRIFICE ANYMORE!!!! (Song of Songs 8: 6 & 7) TPT

The ‘now’ version of the ‘burning bush’ is ordinary everyday YOU hosting HIS Presence, consumed by HIS FLAME to the point where you are on fire within and without! His fierce fiery LOVE having consumed all fear, and literally becoming a phenomenon – attracting and drawing Father God’s beloved humanity, who have been bound and imprisoned, and are awaiting the revealing of the true sons and daughters of the most high God…..
Today He chooses commonplace men and women filled with His Holy Spirit, and who know Him intimately as their ‘ALL IN ALL’, to host His Fiery presence and become passionate flaming vessels, to bring deliverance to a world and it’s people held in captivity.
If this is YOU right now – then ENTER IN !!!!!!

Wendy McKaskill is a co-Director of Joyce Meyer Ministries Australia/Pacific Rim, alongside her husband Tom. She is a prophetic Intercessor and is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council and is passionate for God’s people to discover their intrinsic value and identity in Him. But above all this she carries a deep yearning for an explosion of revelation of the Father’s passionate and tender love for His people.