Wendy McKaskill

The Lion of Judah has been roaring for a while now, but recently I saw in a vision and actually felt His very powerful, low frequency guttural roar, echoing and rumbling through the first layer of the Earth!
I saw the low frequency sound travelling effortlessly through every medium in it’s path…..nothing was a hindrance to it’s journey, and everything in this earth was being affected by it’s determined force!

The implications of this are enormous because He showed me in a vision that this particular roar is completely disturbing the status quo of every man-made structure and enterprise in the Earth to the point where anything that does not have it’s root system embedded in the ROCK of Christ is being violently loosened by that roar, and consequently pulled up by the mighty Hand of God Himself! I actually saw in a related vision His hand swooping down to uproot the matured tares and weeds from the loosened soil in His Earth…..and as Psalm 24 relates – “The Earth is the Lords, and the fullness thereof, and they who dwell therein”.

Surely this has already begun as we behold the sudden upheavals in the governments round the globe……..
But He was showing me that there is more to this phenomenal sound than the resultant shaking and divine disturbance that’s begun to take place worldwide. The Lord revealed that this timely roar carries within it, certain transcendent qualities, one of which is of a CLARION CALL that is expressing His passionate hearts cry to COME HOME to those of His beloved who have lost their way, and to each individual person yet to know who He really is; people from every Nation, tribe, culture and sector of society upon the face of the Earth.

The unrelenting sound is passing THROUGH every obstacle and potential barrier in it’s path….for He is on the WARPATH ……it’s the roar of a Mighty Warrior, He is coming to fight the battle for His people. Exodus 14:14 says “For He shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest.” He is coming for the earth’s deliverance, for His people’s deliverance from the enemy’s plans!!

Stay focused on Him and remain at rest…is what He requires right now beloved, for He is very personally focused on you and understands exactly where you’re at currently.