December 2017

Christy Johnston – It Is Your Time To Arise

Lana Vawser – You Are About To Occupy New Land

Megan Howell – The Wild Ones Are Coming Home

Christy Johnston – You Are In A Divine Season Of SHIFT

Megan Howell – Awake Awake, It’s Time For Stake!

Lana Vawser – From Sadness To Gladness

Sarah Cheesman – Write Your Future

Lana Vawser – An Invitation From The Lord Into Season Definition and Redefinition

Lana Vawser – Word For 2018!

Megan Howell – Welcome To The Age Of Boxless Living

Christy Johnston – A New Sound Is Bursting Through – Can You Hear It?


November 2017

Megan Howell – I Heard The Lord Say, “I Am Raising Up The Second Battalion”

Megan Howell – I Felt God Say, “I Am Raising Up The Homegrown Missionaries”

Wendy McKaskill – Start Where You’re At And Live Your Best Life Now!

Lana Vawser – The Lord Is Leading Many Into A Room Called Delight

Christy Johnston – 16th November 2017

Isi De Gersigny – 2018 – 18 Carat Gold

Helen Cobanov – Mouth To Mouth

Nate Johnston – 7th November 2017

Sarah Cheesman – It’s Time To Enlist

Lana Vawser – 6th November 2017

Nate Johnston – 3rd November 2017

Debbie Grant – The Father’s Hydro-Electric Power Station For Australia

Nate and Christy Johnston – Pioneers Storming Strongholds And Taking Back Ground

Megan Howell – Identity Papers

Rebecca Damianopolous – Awakening!

Sarah Cheesman – Ring The Reformation Bells!


October 2017

Lana Vawser – 30th October 2017

Lana Vawser – 27th October 2017

Christy Johnston – 27th October 2017

Sarah Cheesman – “Welcome To The Days Ordained”

James Markert – The Great Healing Awakening Has Begun

Teeshy Johnson – 4th October 2017

Lana Vawser – 2nd October 2017


September 2017

Lana Vawser and Christy Johnston – 28th September 2017

Todd Weatherly – Keys To Sustainable Outpouring Hidden In Plain Sight

Megan Howell – She’s Beginning To Remember

David Balestri – A Sleeping Saviour And A Demonized Community

Sarah Cheesman – We’re Better Together

Megan Howell – “Remain In My Pleasure, The Harvest Is Ready”

Chelsea Hagen – Gird Up Your Loins Church!

Lana Vawser – Divine Interruptions Are Happening Right Now

Lana Vawser – Beware Of Falsehoods And The Spirit Of Confusion


August 2017

Megan Howell – “Remain In My Pleasure, The Harvest Is Ready”

Chelsea Hagen – Gird Up Your Loins Church!

Lana Vawser – Divine Interruptions Are Happening Right Now

Lana Vawser – Beware Of Falsehoods And The Spirit Of Confusion

Chelsea Hagen – A Stern Warning From The Father’s Heart In This Hour

Christy Johnston – 23rd August 2017

Rosh Chodesh & Jordan Scown – 23rd August 2017

Lana Vawser – Daughters Of God, You Are Rising Up Stronger Than Ever

Sarah Cheesman – Righteousness and Justice Will Prevail!

Carston Woodhouse – The Lord Is Gathering Outcasts And Building SAFE-HOUSES

Lana Vawser – ‘Will You Embrace My Fire?’

Lana Vawser – Momentum Not Manufacture

Rebecca Damianopolous – Destiny Fighters And A Release Of A Moses Anointing

Nate Johnston – Watch This Month As Your Warfare Becomes Your Upgrade

Christy Johnston – From Wilderness To Wonder

Chelsea Hagen – Your Breakthrough Is In Your Walkthrough

Maria Mason – God Of The Breakthrough

Renee Reisinger – Crossing Over


July 2017

Helen Madeline Cobanov – August: My Awe-Gust Is Coming

Cheryl Lindley – This Is The Moment!

Christy Johnston – The Unstoppables: The Rising Army Of God’s Unstoppable Daughters

Eddie Canales – Don’t Lose Your Momentum

Chelsea Hagen – Keep Building The Ancient Ruins

Wendy McKaskill – Release The Birds

Helen Cobanov – Let My People Go

Lana Vawser – 16th July 2017

Daryl Crawford-Marshall – About Face, Time For A Change Of Scenery!

Lana Vawser – 8th July 2017

Sarah Cheesman – You Are The Answer

Rebecca Damianopolous – Acceleration For Breakthrough For The Next 6 Months


June 2017

Lana Vawser – Mission Against The Vision

Christy Johnston – You Are Being Purified And Prepared To Propel Forward

Nate Johnston – Don’t Fear The Tension Of Destiny, You Are At The Tipping Point – Push!

Lana Vawser – “I Am Going To Win This Battle! Victory Is Mine!”

Lana Vawser – 21st June 2017

Chelsea Hagen – A Word Of Encouragement For The Fathers

Sarah Cheesman – 20th June 2017

Nate And Christy Johnston – 19th June 2017

Helen Cobanov – Fear And Anxiety Has No Place!

Chelsea Hagen – Strength And Heroism!

Sarah Cheesman – Start Saying Yes

Teeshy Johnson – 8th June 2017

Daryl Crawford-Marshall – Bells And Lights!


May 2017

Lana Vawser – 31st May 2017

Mandy Woodhouse – Crescendo!


April 2017

Nate Johnston – The Unexpected Revealing Of Your Awaited Promise

Jodie Hughes – “How Long?” – The Delay Is Being Broken

Renée Reisinger – When The Last Become First

Katherine Ruonala – The Shields Of The Earth

Lana Vawser – 27th April 2017

Lana Vawser – 19th April 2017

Lana Vawser – 18th April 2017

Dr. Don Lynch – The Trap of Isolation In The Ministry Of A NT Prophet

Jodie Hughes – A Dream About This Onslaught – Use Your Promises

Belinda Crawford Marshall – Australian Leaders Advance

Cheryl Lindley – Cyclone Debbie – A Prophetic Parallel

Christy Johnston – 2nd April 2017


March 2017

Lana Vawser – 25th March 2017

Nate Johnston – Get Ready For The Restoration Revolution Of The Family

Veronica Kilrain – It’s Payback Time

Carston Woodhouse – Matthew 7:7 – Ask And You Will Receive

Lana Vawser – The Weather Forecast Has Changed – It Is Rain, Rain, Rain!

Nick Watson – Prophetic Word For Australia

Lana Vawser – Royal Flush

Lana Vawser – 13th March 2017

James Markert – Double Portion Restoration And Inheritance

Nate Johnston – Vision Of The Golden Bowl – The Latter Glory Being Released

Christy Johnston – Secret Weapons Of The Kingdom – The Intercessors Of His Heart

Nate Johnston – 5th March 2017


February 2017

Christy Johnston – The Boomerang Prayers Of Fire And Awakening

Lana Vawser – The Spies Are Being Rooted Out Of Your Land!

Isi De Gersigny – 24th February 2017

Debbie Grant – Prophetic Word For 2017

Nick Watson – Prophecy For 2017

Lana Vawser – 15th February 2017

Daryl Crawford-Marshall – 14th February 2017

Daryl Crawford-Marshall – Time For Forward Focus, Clear View Is Coming!

Lana Vawser – 7th February 2017

Helen Madeline – 1st February 2017


January 2017

Wendy McKaskill – Is Jesus A Stirrer

Lana Vawser – 27th January 2017

Jodie Hughes – Many Are Seeing 1235 – What Does It Mean? Are You Ready?

Daryl Crawford-Marshall – No Retreat! No Surrender! Goliaths Are Coming Crashing Down!

Lana Vawser – There Is Hope In The Spring Clean

Daryl Crawford-Marshall – 6th January 2017

ACPE – Word Of The Lord For 2017 And Beyond

Helen Madeline – 2nd January 2017

James Markert – Prophetic Word For 2017

Lana Vawser – Gifts From Heaven

Lana Vawser – 2017 Is Strategic


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