Christy Johnston

I recently saw a vision in my prayer time of boomerangs flying back and forth between Australia and the United States of America. In the last week I saw yet another vision that expanded on the first. I saw the children of God who belonged to Australia, standing on the shorelines of our nation here, they were standing shoulder to shoulder, arms linked as the waves lapped at their feet and in their hands they each held a boomerang. They stood together, people from every denomination, prophets and intercessors alike, facing the northeast, towards America. They covered the shorelines as far as the eye could see. It was a powerful image of strength and unity.

Together, almost in unison, they started decreeing God’s heart and interceding and prophesying over America. I saw some were knelt over in the sand, waves washing all around them as they were in deep travail for the U.S. They lifted up their cries; “Mercy! Awakening!” As this endless line of people lifted their prayers to the Father, their decrees of Gods goodness over the nation of America somehow grew in power. A reverberating sound rumbled from the ground beneath them, and it was as though the earth was responding to their prayers. The waves began to surge forward in greater force, as though excited by their decrees, though the people were unmoved by the water. All at once, they lifted up their hands holding the boomerangs, and with a shout, they released them across the sea.

I watched in this vision as the boomerangs picked up velocity, whipping through the air, and as they did, fire formed on their tail winds, they travelled at high speeds across the Pacific until they reached the ground of the United States. These boomerangs resembled the prayers of those in Australia. The fire on the winds of the boomerangs touched down on the land, however, it was not the destructive kind, but a supernatural fire of His Glory. They dispersed in every direction across the U.S, but the Capital was specifically highlighted to me as fires of GLORY burned supernaturally over the White House. These supernatural fires burned in every direction. As it spread, it burned in greater measure in the hearts of Gods children in the land releasing heavenly strategies and the fires of awakening, burning up the plans of the enemy. These fires added to the flames of prayers that were already burning from God’s sons and daughters of America, it was as though the prayers from Australia added fuel to their prayers, strengthening what God has already started there.

In researching about the Boomerang, I watched a video of an indigenous man giving instructions on how to use a Boomerang. In his right hand, he held a right-handed Boomerang, and in his left, he held a left-handed Boomerang. He then instructed the angle in which to hold them when you are about to throw them; for the right hand, he instructed to hold it at the 1 O’clock position, and for the left, he instructed to hold it at the 11 O’clock position. These numbers together; 1-11 symbolize a spiritual awakening and alignment, they also represent taking possession of the land that God has given us. (See John 11:11, Isaiah 11:11 and Deuteronomy 11:11).

The boomerang is a tool that was created by the Indigenous Australians; they created it as a weapon for hunting. These boomerangs that were released in the vision were clearly being used as symbols of weapons of prayer, hunting out the enemy and releasing the fires of Awakening. As the vision continued, no sooner had the fire of these prayers been released, the boomerangs, still alight, rebounded and returned in speed back towards Australia. As they reached the Nation of Australia, they again dispersed all across the land and released the same fire of His Glory.

Psalm 2:8 tells us; ‘Ask of Me, and I will assuredly give [You] the nations as Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth as Your possession.’ I believe the Father is calling His people of Australia to align, cover and intercede on behalf of America right now, and as we do, He will release His fire and glory back upon our own nation. As we set our faces towards praying for America, partnering with our brothers and sisters there, He will take care of our own land and burn up the plans of the enemy here, sweeping healing and renewal to our own people. I also saw that as the fire returned to Australia, it would burn in strength over the Indigenous Australians, and bring great healing, refreshing and cleansing to their people, a revival would start in their midst and spread to the rest of Australia.

I believe that the alignment of these two nations is a divinely strategized positioning, one that God has ordained from the beginning of time. I see that as the fires of cleansing and awakening infiltrates throughout these two nations, it will then extend to the corners of the world, touching hearts in the furthest to reach places. Luke 13:29 confirms this when it says; ‘And people will come from all over the world–from east and west, north and south–to take their places in the Kingdom of God.’

Release your prayers, mighty Australian Warriors; release God’s heart over America, for your prayers carry a great and glorious reward.