James Markert

It is the season and year of the double portion! God has a double portion inheritance for you. The Lord desires to release to you double recompense, favor, blessings, honor and miracles, Isaiah 61:7. God wants to give you double for all the trouble you have been through. The Lord is releasing upon the body of Christ a double portion of the oil of restoration. God is going to restore back to you everything the enemy has stolen. For the devil has been exposed as a thief and he has to pay back to you all he has stolen, Proverbs 6:30,31. It is time for full restitution! I see the Lord restoring broken dreams and relationships. Also, I see God restoring peoples’ health and finances. Abundant hope is bubbling up within believers and it shall overflow from their lives. There is so much you can tap into this season than ever before. God has prepared a banqueting table of His promises this year that you can feast on, receive and walk in everyday. The Lord is opening your eyes, ears and heart to your inheritance and what He has called you to do this year.