Lana Vawser

This morning I felt the Lord saying to His people “The spies are being rooted out of your land”.

I saw all the ‘hidden’ areas being exposed. The areas where the enemy has ‘hidden’, where he has found a ‘home’ in lies or fear or strongholds, the Lord is shining His light on them and He is rooting them out.

The ‘hidden’ areas that have allowed the enemy to torment and to cause anguish and grief upon God’s people, these ‘spies’ are being rooted out.

The ‘spies’ that have continued to remain hidden, those ‘spies’ that have continued to hinder breakthrough, freedom and fruitfulness. Those ‘spies’ that have continued to empower ‘cycles’ of death and destruction, those ‘spies’ that have continued to empower cycles of ‘delay’ and ‘pain’ – God is ROOTING OUT the spies.

The very areas where the enemy thought he had the GREATEST HIDDEN GROUND in the lives of believers (some of these hidden areas have been there for generations), he is being exposed by the Lord, and ROOTED OUT BY THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!! The enemy is being DRIVEN OUT of your heart and soul and the LAND God has given you.


A dear friend said to me this week how important she felt it was right now to “REHEARSE YOUR RHEMA” and I felt that is a very spot on word from the Lord.

There is some full on warfare taking place, and the Lord is doing some deep working of healing and deliverance in His people, it is IMPERATIVE right now that God’s people are REHEARSING THEIR RHEMA!!!

The Lord has been highlighting the number 4 to me over and over. I have been seeing 44 and 444 OFTEN.

My amazing friend Jodie Hughes has articulated the meaning of the number 4 so accurately here:

“Open door, creative miracles, creative opportunities opening, invitation to encounter fresh intimacy with God, Come up higher, fresh perspective and increase of vision, breakthrough season of victory.” (pouritout.org – in prophetic blog section)

As I have sat with the Lord on the 44 and the 444 I keep seeing, I felt Him highlight two Scriptures.

44 – MATTHEW 4:4

He answered “The Scriptures say: Bread alone will NOT satisfy, but TRUE LIFE is found in EVERY word, which CONSTANTLY goes forth from GOD’S MOUTH.”

Right now, in this incredibly intense moment in the body of Christ, where the enemy is screaming and manifesting (BECAUSE he is losing ground) and the Lord is doing some deep deliverance and healing in His people – we MUST be taking the MANNA, the REVELATION that God is giving to us EVERY DAY, what HE is speaking and FEAST UPON IT! It is CRUCIAL that God’s people are MEDITATING upon the RHEMA word of God right now. FEAST on what HE is saying through His Word, through prophetic words, through dreams etc. As you rehearse your rhema in this season lies, strongholds, hidden places and areas where the enemy has occupied territory in your life is being OVERTURNED!!!!!! The things that have held you back in this season and through the generations and for your ENTIRE LIFE are being BROKEN OFF RIGHT NOW in this season, in Jesus name!!!! God is CHANGING HISTORY in lives RIGHT NOW. What has been “a certain way” (in a negative sense) for GENERATIONS, He is BREAKING, HEALING and CHANGING RIGHT NOW in THIS season. I kept hearing Him say over and over “What WAS will NO LONGER BE, YOU WILL BE FREE!!!”


God is EXTENDING YOU and EXTENDING YOUR LAND! He’s not only giving you back the land that the enemy has occupied and stolen, but He is giving you BACK that land and MORE (INCREASE).


I felt the Lord highlight Psalm 44:4 to me:

“You are my King and my God, who decrees VICTORIES for Jacob!!!!”

No matter what you are walking through right now, God is DECREEING VICTORY over you! This is your season of VICTORY and DELIVERANCE!

Jesus said to those who believed in him, “When you continue to embrace all that I teach you, you prove that you are my true followers. For if you embrace the truth, it will release more freedom into your lives.” – John 8:31-32 (The Passion Translation)

I felt the Lord decreeing over this season “THE TRUTH WILL BE TOLD!!!!” and the sense surrounded me that the TRUTH of His Word, and the TRUTH of the REVELATION of who Jesus is, His GOODNESS and KINDNESS is going to bring more and more freedom to God’s people. A greater wholeness of heart and soul and the deliverance and rooting out of the enemy.

The pain may be intense now, the struggle may be deep, the opposition and the heart surgery all happening at once, but I want to encourage you, you are GOING HIGHER!!!!!! You are EXTENDING! You are INCREASING! You are being made WHOLE, STRONG and FREE to move forward into your land of GREATER VICTORY!!!!!

The season hasn’t changed! The season of VICTORY and BREAKTHROUGH is here, and the threshold we are crossing over is one of FIRE, but as we go through holding to Jesus, drawing closer to Him, feasting on His Word, and REHEARSING OUR RHEMA, we are walking through an open door into greater FREEDOM, FAVOUR, PROMOTION, INCREASE and FRUITFULNESS.


This is a season of incredible open doors, creative miracles, invitations into deeper encounters with Jesus, bringing to life new levels of intimacy with Him. An increase of sight, wisdom, discernment and clarity. This IS your season of victory and you are moving INTO IT!!! Don’t stop now, the TRUTH is being told to expose all the lies and assaults of the enemy in your life, heart and soul and you will move forward STRONG and FREE!