Lana Vawser

This morning I had a vision where I felt the Lord was releasing an urgent warning to the body of Christ.

The heart of this word I am releasing is not to bring FEAR, but to uncover the tactics of the enemy and call the body of Christ to make sure that you are saturating ALL God is doing in and through your life in prayer. God’s heart in this word I believe is to see His people move forward in VICTORY!

First I heard the words “Snakes are coming in the back door” and instantly a vision opened up before my eyes. I saw snakes coming in “back doors” and they were slithering into rooms where babies were asleep in cradles. I watched as these snakes slithered up into the cradles where the babies were sleeping and they began to attempt to strangle, suffocate, steal and kill the babies in there.

The Lord then speaks to me that the enemy is coming in through the “back door” of lives of believers, through unexpected places to attempt to suffocate, steal and kill the “babies”. These babies represented what the people of God have birthed, it’s in its infancy and just beginning.

These “babies” represented the birthing of promises fulfilled, new ventures for the Lord, revelation from God, new opportunities, doors of opportunity, and breakthrough.

When I asked the Lord how these “snakes were coming in the back door”, I felt Him say to me “Where there hasn’t been enough prayer surrounding the birthing and now the babies (manifestation), the snakes are coming in.”


The Lord also highlighted to me OFFENSE. Where there is OFFENSE that refuses to be dealt with, it is leaving a ‘back door’ open for these snakes to come in and suffocate, hinder, bring delay, kill or steal the manifestation of breakthrough taking place right now across the body of Christ.

I felt the Lord wanting to encourage those struggling with offense to invite Him in, give Him permission to deal with the root of the offense as they move forward in repentance and forgiveness.

I saw the Lord doing a quick work in the area of offense to bring healing and freedom.


I then heard Matthew 7:6:

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

I sensed the incredibly urgent need for WISDOM and DISCERNMENT right now in stewarding and sharing what God is revealing, saying, opening and releasing. I felt an urgency in stewarding what He is revealing and sharing – the sacred secrets of His heart and what He is doing needs to be treated with tenderness, care, love and careful attention as a baby is when it is born.

I felt the Lord speak very clearly “GIRD UP YOUR BORDERS OF BREAKTHROUGH WITH PRAYER!!!”

As we, as God’s people, gird up our borders of breakthrough with prayer, there is NO BACK DOOR for the snakes to enter in.

There is an URGENT need right now for wisdom and discernment in the body of Christ, because we are moving into another level of accelerated breakthrough, the enemy isn’t happy, but all his attempts will fall to the ground as we continue to rise up as people of prayer and decree the Word of God over all God is doing in and through us.


The Lord spoke Proverbs 2:7 to me very clearly today..

“For the Lord has a hidden storehouse of wisdom made accessible to His godly lovers. He becomes your personal bodyguard as you follow His ways; protecting and guarding you as you choose what is right” (The Passion Translation)

His hidden storehouse of wisdom has been made accessible to the godly lovers! He is our personal bodyguard as we follow His ways; protecting and guarding us as we follow His ways and choose what is right!

He is brooding heavily over us in this season. There is an urgency in the atmosphere to stay close to Him. To be hearing what He’s saying and move where He is moving. Now more than ever, we need to be crying out for wisdom. Do not be fearful, He will answer you, and He releases warnings to PROTECT us!

He is releasing this warning to not only protect us, but to see the breakthrough’s He is releasing gain momentum, not be hindered and grow into something bigger and greater than what we have ever hoped, imagined or dreamed.

These snakes will NOT find the backdoor into the breakthroughs being birthed and released as we follow what He is saying!!!! Any back doors that have been opened, will be slammed shut and these snakes removed by the hand of God as His people follow what He is saying.

There’s no better personal bodyguard than JESUS!!!!! In HIM, we have the VICTORY!!!!