Lana Vawser

Last night I had a vision of Jesus dropping gifts from heaven in 2017. These gifts were falling through the sky and landing in the lives of many of God’s people.

When the gifts were opened there was an EXPLOSION and HOUSES and BUILDINGS SPRUNG UP! I felt the Lord say “2017 IS THE YEAR OF THE HOUSE! and that He will be SUPERNATURALLY providing HOUSES and BUILDINGS for HIS HOUSE (Church).

On the front door of each house was Ephesians 3:20 was ENGRAVED on it from the Passion Translation Version:

“God will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for His miraculous power constantly energises you.”

I believe that the Lord is going to release GIFTS OF HOUSES AND BUILDINGS to His people in 2017 and they will be BIGGER and BETTER than what you have ever dreamed, hoped for or imagined. The Lord is giving UPGRADE in HOUSES and BUILDINGS for the delight of His people and to be used to extend His Kingdom.

I saw SUPERNATURAL BREAKTHROUGH of DEBTS for CHURCH BUILDINGS suddenly being paid off. I saw SUDDEN influx of finances to the people of God to BUY and OWN land for the dream and vision the Lord has given them. It won’t be hard, it will be EASY! There will be GREAT GRACE FOR THE NEW SPACE!!!

2017 will see MAJOR SALVATIONS and INCREASE of SOULS in the Kingdom and the Lord is giving the people of God, HIS HOUSE, more land, greater extension of property to OCCUPY to bring people in and see the vision He has given them FULFILLED.

The increase of provision of God in HOUSES and BUILDINGS will see the ROOM and GRACE to see the vision He has given His people EXTEND and INCREASE IN MOMENTUM and a greater release of His Spirit of GENEROSITY!

There will be a MAJOR increase in training centres for the Kingdom of God in 2017.


The interesting thing about these HOUSES and BUILDINGS was when the front door opened that was engraved with Ephesians 3:20, the doors suddenly turned into REVOLVING DOORS.

As I looked at these doors and I saw the words “REVOLVING DOORS” the words changed to “REVOLUTION OF LOVE” and then they changed again to “REVIVAL OF THE LOVING!!”

I could feel the Lord’s heart longing to release such a deep revelation of His love. Even in the “PROVISION” of these HOUSES, BUILDINGS and DEBTS PAID OFF, I saw the revelation of God as a GOOD, LOVING, PERFECT, KIND Father burning deep in the hearts of His people as an awakening took place that He truly KNEW and CARED for the hearts desires and dreams of His people.

I also saw a REVOLUTION and REVIVAL of the LOVING taking place. Who are they LOVING? We are!!! We are called to be the most LOVING people on the planet!!!!

In the breakthrough and provision of these HOUSES and BUILDINGS they are the SIGN POST for a NEW SEASON of REVIVAL OF LOVE amongst you.

The REVOLVING DOORS are seeing people COME IN and being TRANSFORMED BY LOVE and GOING OUT AGAIN to spread the fire and impartation of His love. The pure message of the Gospel of Jesus spreading like wildfire through His people who have encountered the fire of His love and are going out BURNING.

“The REVOLVING DOORS in these houses and buildings are going to REVOLVE more than EVER in 2017 as My people chase after My heart and My Kingdom agenda. There will be a move of My Spirit and LOVE that is going to see SALVATIONS and DISCIPLES made by My Spirit at a level you have never seen My people, but you must lay down agendas, and chase after My heart and strategy and you will see increase, harvest, extension and breakthrough like you have never seen. You won’t have enough room to contain all that I am releasing, so I am bringing an extension and upgrade.”