Prophecy for 2017
Nick Watson – Prophetic Power Ministries
[email protected]

2017 will be a year of Rich REWARD. Hebrews 10:35; 11:6; Ruth 2:12; 2 John 1:8; Galatians 6:9-10; Matthew 6:1-18. God will greatly bless your ongoing praying, loving, believing, declaring, serving, giving, encouraging, teaching, sacrificing (great and small) and all your ministering for the glory of God. He will (a) bless the seeds you have sown with desired harvests; (b) turn your tears into cheers; (c) battles into breakthroughs and (d) reward your secret giving, serving, praying and fasting with open favour, blessing, anointing and resources. It is time for the manifestation of the “much more” to those who believe for and seek it. (Matthew 7:9-11; Luke 11:11-13).

To those who are weary, work to receive your full reward. Remember Gideon, who was weary yet pursuing. He won 40 years of peace and prosperity for his family and nation. This is the inheritance I am giving to many “least likelies” in this season. Do not stop digging just inches from your seams of gold, your streams of living water, your wells of gushing oil. Do not weary of believing for your times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. You must stir up fresh faith for old promises. God is faithful to do all that He has said. Do not take your hand from the plough, nor even look back at the cost you have paid already, for your harvest is near. The days of Amos 9:13 are birthing. The harvest will be so great that you will still be reaping one season’s harvest, when it is time to sow for the next. New wine will be flowing freely.

To those on the verge of giving up, the Lord says: Don’t give up; step up. Step up in faith. Step up in your Divinely delegated authority in Christ. Step out of the earthly realm into the heavenly. You are seated with Christ in heavenly places. You are above and not beneath the frustrations that face you. Turn your desperation from negative to positive. Be positively desperate for a fresh touch and a fresh word from God. Be positively desperate for a new move of Holy Spirit, because right now there is a new release of Divine Grace, Mercy, Peace and Power being released to the church and the nations. Satan knows his time is running out.
The glorious, victorious church, who will welcome Jesus when He returns as King of kings and Lord of lords, is coming out of her years of preparation as Esther did, in order to exercise majestic wisdom and authority. It is in the heat of battle that victory is won. It is at the point of greatest strain that breakthrough comes. Your victory is at hand. Do not fight alone. Be in good company with godly partners.

2017 will have two prime characteristics.
1 – the One in 17 represents both Pre-eminence and Unity, even as God Himself is 3-in-1.
7 – the Seven in 17 symbolises be a year of Divine completion, of dreams fulfilled, of prayers answered, of harvests gathered with joy. (Psalm 126:5-6).

This will be a year of special reward for those who believe and practice the principles of Matthew 6:31. Give God pre-eminence in your life. Seek God first. Seek His righteousness. Seek His rulership in your life and your world. To those who have had the experience of God seeming to hide Himself (Isaiah 45:15 NASB), the Lord says: Seek me in My Word. God is stretching your faith for greater capacity and drawing you deeper into both His Word and Himself. This year God will reveal Himself to you in fresh ways (John 14:21) and make known to you great and mighty things, because He is a great and mighty God. (Jeremiah 33:3).

In 2017, God’s glory will be seen in all nations like never before. His pre-eminence will be manifest. The Lord will put one up and another down. Some dramatic leadership changes will happen in the nations and the 7-mountains of societies. Divine power and glory will be revealed in the clash of light and darkness. Believers love and faith will be tested, stretched for greater capacity and rewarded. Christians: do not buckle under pressure to compromise. Be strong, as Moses was, against the Pharoahs of this world. There will be testimonies like Goshen and Egypt, where Christians are protected and prospered when they make their stand for the Lord. There will be testimonies of the few overcoming the many. Church: pray for the persecuted, the poor, the exploited, those who suffer for Christ’s Name.

The Lord is going to richly reward those who pay the price of being in unity. All in the Lord’s family and team are called like never before to crucify self and the flesh in order to inherit the wonderful blessings of Psalm 133. Be like Abraham, who allowed the less-worthy Lot to choose first, and you will receive Abraham’s full reward. Be forgiving and humble and you will receive greater grace. You will experience good and pleasant relationships. There will be much oil of gladness, of power and of prosperity, because two are better than one.

The ministries and message of reconciliation will be of great importance in 2017 and peacemakers will be greatly rewarded by the Lord. Communications in families that have been broken will be restored.
Stress and strife will be overcome and ousted by the Shalom-peace of God. Some care-frontation will be necessary and some whistle-blowing will be required. While this will cause things to be stirred up, the Shalom-peace and prosperity of God will follow.

Fresh, empowering oil is flowing. Great impartations are going to flow direct from heaven and through the Lord’s anointed apostles, prophets, leaders and ministers. To them Holy Spirit says: Give more of what you have got to others by impartation and training and more will be given to you. Times of multiplication are upon us. To trigger that in your life and ministry, give more away of yourself, your time, your knowledge, your abilities, your experience, your revelation, your ministry and your money.

This year the prophets reward will be manifest, which is the fulfillment of what they have prophesied. The reward of the righteous man will also come to fruition, which is the answer to the prayers he has prayed. (Matthew 10:41; James 5:16).

In 2017 new faces and new places will arise with great grace and power upon them. Unknown people and obscure places will have significant impact as Holy Spirit spreads His showers of blessing far and wide. All generations and all nations will be touched like never before because we are in a time like never before. Some will be called like Paul to a Macedonia they never expected; others will be moved by Holy Spirit as Philip was from a revival situation in one place to a moment of Divine destiny in another. Just as that evangelist was subsequently supernaturally transported, so God will increase His supernatural graces on those who obey Him, even to their own cost or against their own initial desires. There are some who need to hear this right now: do not stay where you are when God has called you to move on. As you by faith follow in Abraham’s footsteps, you will inherit Abraham’s rewards.

When two or more are in true symphonic harmony and agreement, there is the Lord in all His Majestic Glory, Power, Authority and Blessing.
The Prayer of Agreement is going to bring great breakthroughs in 2017. (Matthew 18:19-20). This will be a year of great open reward for those intercessors who have been faithful and faith-filled.

In unity, there will be the fresh dew of refreshing and new growth and productivity, including Divinely revealed creativity in the marketplace as Jacob experienced. (Genesis 30:31-43).

There will be commanded blessing that cannot be thwarted by the unholy trinity of the world, the flesh and the devil. (Numbers 23:19-21).

There will be salvation harvests, even life forever more. The great world-wide, end-time harvest will take a quantum leap forward in 2017, as God’s glory, love, power, authority, wisdom, righteousness and truth are revealed through the church in private and public ways in every nation. Neither Holy Spirit, nor the Word of God can be bound. A new Latter Rain outpouring will touch religiously and politically closed nations. Iran and Japan will experience a move of God. Nations that have closed their hearts and minds to God because of their sophistication, worldliness, selfishness and human wisdom will be wooed, wowed and warned by Holy Spirit. Those who have been crying out for Holy Spirit rain upon their families, churches, ministries, businesses, regions and nations will be richly rewarded. (Isaiah 44:3).

When the church/the organisation/the family is one in heart, mind and speech, nothing will be impossible for them. Missions minded churches, ministries and nations will be fruitful and provided for to allow next level increase and beyond.

Division grieves and frustrates Holy Spirit. Do not allow yourself to be part of division, criticism or the undermining of Divinely appointed leadership. Even if you have to serve a Saul for a season, you will surely come into your own Davidic ministry. Right now Holy Spirit is removing Sauls from their place of kingship. Do not do that job for Him. Right now God is opening doors for Davids to step up from their faith-filled and faithful levels of servanthood in to new levels of leadership and ministry. New opportunities are manifesting. It is time to be bold to take your Divine moment of destiny.