Is Jesus A Stirrer?
Wendy McKaskill

As I knelt in prayer recently I heard the Lord say – “I AM STIRRING THE WATERS” – I immediately thought of the scripture in John 5:4….
‘An angel of God would periodically descend into the pool to stir the waters, and the first one to step into the pool after the waters swirled would instantly be healed.’

The name of this pool was ‘Bethesda’ which means – ‘The House of Loving Kindness’ and it was surrounded by 5 porches or walkways, which led into the pool.
The number 5 represents God’s grace which is indeed His ‘walkway’ into The House of Loving Kindness where we receive our healing.

And what is this ‘House’ and where is it?

It’s Him – It’s Jesus…He is that House of Loving Kindness which the grace of God will always lead us to as we seek Him in our need……
……and He is stirring the waters of LOVING-KINDNESS; not just because that is who HE IS, and it’s what draws us to Him……but because it’s what we need to soak in, to drink in, and to intentionally consider and ponder on, to more clearly understand the power of this Godly attribute and the life changing effects it bestows on us and also those we choose to offer it to…..

While the crippled man in this story waited 38 long years to be helped into the occasional swirling waters, it was God’s grace that brought Jesus (The ‘true’ House of Loving Kindness) through that walkway, to single the man out and stir the waters of healing as He bade the man to get up and walk, without him ever having to struggle into the actual pool himself.

Right now, we His beloved church need to enter the stirred up waters of healing for our own hearts, after many long and tiresome battles! We need a fresh revelation and impartation of His LOVING KINDNESS toward each other, and ourselves, to enable a free flow of the ‘rivers of living water’ of life, which is the precious Holy Spirit, to bring renewed life and restoration to the Church.

As we continue to witness the mammoth changes and shakings in the nations of the Earth, the stirring that we discern within our spirits and the sense that nothing will ever be the same again….is that same stirring of the water of the Word of God which is now manifesting in our midst, and bidding us to enter in to greater revelation of His healing Presence, the One who is LOVING-KINDNESS Himself, and to partake of what He has to offer us, so that we can pass it on………the world needs us to!!!!

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