April 2018

Helen Cobanov – Today Everything Changes

Lana Vawser – It’s A New Season Of Favour


March 2018

Megan Howell – There’s Relief In Your Belief

Jodie Hughes – 30th March 2018

Lana Vawser – 29th March 2018

Christy Johnston – This Easter Experience The Raging Fires Of Jesus’ Love

Megan Howell – A Grand Homecoming

Megan Howell – Sing Your Way Up And Out

Rebecca Damianopolous – A Fresh Release Of Faith And Confidence In God

Lana Vawser – I Heard The Lord Say, “Happy Birthday!”

Lana Vawser – 12th March 2018

Christy Johnston – Upgrade For Divine Strategies, Vision And Navigation

Megan Howell – Spring Up O Well

Wendy McKaskill – For The Joy That Was Set Before Him

Lana Vawser – 1st March 2018


February 2018

Nate Johnston – Awake, Awake, Can You Hear The Sound Of Rain?

Lana Vawser – Billy Graham’s Passing

Katherine Ruonala – A Time Of Divine Set-Ups And Promises Fulfilled

Megan Howell – The Air Is Pregnant With Promise

Lana Vawser – Harvest Is Coming, Harvest Is Coming From Every Direction

Christy Johnston – 14th February 2018

Lana Vawser – A Word For The Prophets – Purifying The Prophetic Well

Lana Vawser – 9th February 2018

Maria Mason – National Day Of Prayer And Fasting 10th February 2018

Megan Howell – An Eagle Doesn’t Fear A Cliff

Lana Vawser – Watch The Overcomer Now Arise Within You

Christy Johnston – 6th February 2018

Sarah Cheesman – “It’s The End Of Clubhouse Christianity”

Mandy Woodhouse – No More Distractions

Nate And Christy Johnston – Get Out Of The Trenches And Soar


January 2018

David Balestri – A Day Of Oneness And A Fresh Inquiry!

Christy Johnston – Aussie Prophets Arising

Christy Johnston – Daughters Of Righteousness, Arise!

Lana Vawser – Many Prophets Are Now Moving Into An Upgrade Of Vision

Helen Cobanov – A Season Of Great Turnarounds

Lana Vawser – What You Write Is About To Take Flight!

Megan Howell – Ready Yourselves With Love

David Balestri – Rebuilding The Wall 2018

Wendy McKaskill – Time To Dance Again

Chelsea Hagen – Prophetic Word 2018

Nate Johnston – 2018: Harvest & Jubilee

James Markert – Army Of God Mobilisation

Lana Vawser – I Am Painting A New Picture In 2018


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