Rebecca Damianopoulos

I saw a picture of a bow and arrow. The arrow had the word ‘promise’ written on it and the bow had ‘faith.’ The bulls eye had the words ‘trust’ written on it. I saw that many had taken the promises God had given them, things they are believing for breakthrough in and shot them like an arrow in faith. I saw the arrows mid flight. I saw the wind of the Holy Spirit caring these arrows. All that is left to do is trust that it will hit the bulls eye and the promise will be realized. I felt the fathers encouragement that even though you may not have seen the breakthrough yet, it is mid flight or in the process and all you need to do it trust that it will hit the target. Then I heard the words over these arrows- “He who has promised is faithful.” ( Heb 10:23) Then the arrows began to accelerate towards the targets.

I have been feeling for the last few weeks an anticipation over the second half of this year. It has been prophesied on many platforms that 2017 is he year of breakthrough and I felt like the second six months of this year will be an acceleration and increase of breakthrough. The arrows will hit the target! I felt the Fathers encouragement to not give up if you haven’t seen breakthrough yet. Those things are on their way.


God is wanting to fill people again with more promises. I saw a picture of Him wanting to fill bags with arrows of promise for them to shoot. 
I felt the call of the father to dream bigger and further for the next promise and set your eyes on the next vision as if the current breakthrough has already been realized. There is an invitation to dream with the Father at the moment if the secret place. Ask for the next part of your vision and dreams even through you might not have seen the current ones fulfilled. In a time of breakthrough ask for breakthrough (Zechariah 10:1 – ask for rain in the time of rain)

I felt the father say there is an anointing for dreaming. After I heard him say this I got in the car and at the traffic lights there was an advertisement that said-” you bring the dream, we will bring the how to.” I felt again the encouragement to dream with the Father, ask for more promises to believe for. In this season of breakthrough ask for more arrows of promise to fire and trust that He who has promised is faithful to carry them to completion.

Stand with eager expectation. Get ready to see your breakthrough because its on the way and God is inviting you to dream again and receive more promises from Him. Enjoy being His child. To God be the Glory!