Culture Kings

I saw these words 10 days ago, recalling a brand of clothing and I felt the Spirit stirring a royal theme.

Kings think a certain way, they see a certain way, they respond a certain way and have the power to bring change because of their given authority. I felt Him say that this was our way – the culture of kings is IN His people and is inbred in those willing to believe and respond to Him. It is a culture embraced by those with a view to transform earth by being transformed themselves. It is the mindset of being privileged because of our heritage. It is living in the virtue of honour with forever in mind, so that every today matters….not ever bowing down to fear or lack. Kings will do in a day, what many may simply dream of and our destiny is to rule and govern from the inside out – devotion to destiny.

He reminded me of young kings like David, who needed only one smooth stone to remove the head of intimidation. The culture of a king was in David’s head because he sang the thoughts of God as a lifestyle and holy indignation possessed him. We also know that he failed later in his life and yet chose to humble himself before God and was restored. The establishment of a culture of abandoned and extravagant worship was one of the hallmarks of his leadership and the whole nation of Israel thrived during his reign.

I think of Jesus, who entered earth in the humblest form, growing up in a culture that would persecute and reject him as king. He sought out the destitute, forgave the sinner, loved and taught the women, welcomed the broken, healed the sick and raised the dead. I love what my husband says of Him: that He could make Himself nothing because He truly was something. The security of His love with the Father was what has engraved His abandoned life into our hearts.

The King of all kings has grafted us into an eternal Vine of salvation and given us His royal heritage of sonship. Not only did He take us into His royal family, but He also made available to us every spiritual blessing that comes with being born of God. Our decrees become the life changers; our acts of kindness and generosity become the nation changers and our lives of worship become the atmosphere in which the King of glory is enthroned everywhere we go.

The culture of kings is the culture of royal living for those becoming the manifestation of freedom from darkness – into the sound of welcoming the kingdom of light. It is the language of acceptance in a world excluding, it is the longevity of purity, the result of sonship and the reward of the lovers of God.This is the kingdom of heaven on earth – the culture of the royally beloved – The Culture of Kings!