Adam F. Thompson

In reading this prophetic word we must not perceive things the way they are in the natural. This is important because the Body of Christ is entering a time of transition and God is about to raise up a new breed – a Jonah Generation.

At the moment, the western church looks more like an institution; maintaining an appearance of having its act together when the reality is that many are backslidden in their hearts. Many are caught up in a merry-go-round of being slaves to the system rather than being heirs of the Kingdom.God is calling back these Jonahs who have walked away from their original calling and mandate and gone into business. Don’t misunderstand me, God will use business and finance for the Kingdom, but not if you’re running from your truecalling and mandate.

This Jonah Generation will rise from among those who once had a life-changing mandate from God – a word, a prophecy, an encounter – but who walked away from it because of the religiosity in the Church. These people have not necessarily hardened their hearts, or intentionally gone off the rails, but they have walked away from their mandate and gone back to trading. This is precisely what Jonah did. He had a calling to declare the word of God to Ninevah, but in fear of its great wickedness he walked away from his mandate. He fled to Tarshish, an ancient city famous for its trading in silver and gold. This Old Testament story is very much a prophetic message for today.

On his way to Tarshish Jonah was swallowed by a big fish, perhaps a whale, although the Bible doesn’t use that name. In a dream a big fish may be a metaphor for a believer, but it is also a metaphor for revelation.

The disciples had a three year encounter with Jesus, witnessed the resurrection and had a clear mandate to ‘go into all the world,’ but John 21 shows us that they didn’t see that as a way of life. When Peter announced he was going back to his fishing business, some of his fellow disciples went withhim. A man on the shore called out, ‘Have you caught anything?’ and when they told him they’d caught nothing, the man told them to throw their nets on the right side. Isn’t it interesting that none of them recognised this man as Jesus?Walking away from our mandate and going back to tradingmakes it easy to forget the Lord and become dull and numb to the revelation of Jesus Christ.

When the Lord told the disciples to let down the net on the right side, the nets were completely filled but without breaking. This is a metaphor for the new wineskin and the big catch is a metaphor for the revelation of Jesus Christ. The disciples said, “It’s the Lord!” and Peter immediately swam for the shore to be with Him. The disciples gathered around the fire that Jesus had made to cook the fish they caught, and they had communion with Him. They ate, they had revelation, and they were restored to their heavenly positions, especially Peter.

When Jonah was swallowed by the big fish it was as though he was enveloped by the revelation of the heart of the Father. Remember, the fish took Jonah to the deep heart of the ocean. This is a picture mirrored in Psalm 42:7, ‘deep calls to deep’. Jonah went to the deep heart of God. And following that revelation of who the eternal God is, the fish spewed Jonah onto the shore. Whales are very sensitive to frequencies, which is why they are a metaphor for big prophetic ministries. A prophet must be sensitive. Jonah, as a prophet, was released from the whale into the natural realm as a sign and a wonder.

Jonah was spat out and released into the natural realm as one prepared to deal with the dark evil of Ninevah. No natural man can walk into a dark place and change the atmosphere. But Jonah was a sign and a wonder, who walked into Ninevah, opened his mouth, and saw that whole atmosphere of darkness changed. He could do that because he was not a slave to the system anymore, but exercising spiritual dominion over it. The result was that Ninevah’s leaders bowed the knee and repented.

In raising a Jonah Generation, God will restore people who have been perceived as backslidden because they don’t attend church. This is not saying it’s okay to avoid fellowship, but rather that they will come to the place of being enveloped in the revelation of Jesus Christ, the image of God. They will have revelation of who they are and come into the intimacy that activates the Kingdom of God. They will be people who walk in signs and wonders that change the whole atmosphere of their environment. That’s what being a revivalist looks like.

At the present time there’s a lot of darkness covering the earth, but it’s the dark before the dawn, and we need to see it with hope and excitement. This darkness is to inspire followers of Christ to rise up. For many, this will be Joel’s ‘valley of decision’ (Joel 3:14) to bring in the greatest harvest ever seen on planet Earth. Just as the darkness of the holocaust preceded the re-birth of the nation of Israel, the darkness that is coming will be followed by the birthing of the billion soul harvest.

God is raising up a group of prophets like Jonah. Prophets who will change atmospheres and not be slaves to the world’s systems. They are going to be heirs of the Kingdom, influencing leaders and nations. We need to be encouraged and fasten our seat belts. Jesus himself said, “When you see these things happen, lift up your head, because your redemption is near.” Psalm 24 tells us to ‘lift up your heads you gates and allow the King of Glory to come in.’
The new breed of the Jonah Generation are the gates. Who will let in the King of Glory.