On 13th May I had an encounter while I was asleep. It wasn’t a dream, but a physical trans-location to an Arab area in Israel. I knew it was real and I was actually there because all my senses were alive. I could even smell things and my body sensed danger. All the shops were closed and I knew it was because it wasn’t a safe place. As I walked through this place I saw a Muslim woman lying on the side of the road, obviously in labour and in trouble. The baby was partly delivered but stuck in a breech position and I knew it was dying. I had no idea what to do but I knew that both mother and child would die if I didn’t help them. I said ‘Push’ and as close to death as she was, the woman began to push and somehow I managed to get the baby out. I didn’t have any surgical gloves and there was a mess everywhere, but the baby was alive. The Lord showed me how to peg the umbilical cord into a belly button and cut it. I had no experience of this in the natural, it was the Lord giving me wisdom. Not only was the baby alive, but within minutes he had grown to the size of a man, full of joy and excitement. I watched this in shock because it was impossible in the natural. At that point I trans-located back to my bed.

I was so overwhelmed and shaken by this experience it took me several hours to get over it. But it did happen and the Lord spoke to me through it. It is a prophetic sign of what is about to happen in Israel.

A baby being born is a metaphor for a promise. A breech birth is a metaphor for problems experienced in bringing a promise to fulfillment. The trauma and near death of this Palestinian mother and her child is a metaphor for the grief, pain and spiritual death being experienced in the Middle East. The successful delivery against all odds is a metaphor for the coming revival in that land. Even though many Jews are already coming to faith in Jesus as the Messiah, I believe the breech birth – tail before head – suggests revival will come to the Arabs as a preliminary to the one amongst Jews. The child growing quickly into a man speaks of the maturing of unity in the Body of Christ in Israel, resulting in forgiveness and reconciliation between Jew and gentile. This revival will bemassive.

As I meditated on these things I was reminded of the time in 1954 when William Branham, one of God’s generals, was on his way to preach in Israel. During a stopover en route, and with only thirty minutes until boarding for the last leg to Jerusalem, Branham heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Don’t go! This is not the hour.” The angel of the Lord appeared to him and repeated, “Stay out of Palestine. This is not your place. The cup of iniquity of the gentiles is not yet full. There is still more gleaning to do.”

I believe that NOW is the hour. The Lord is showing me that this is to be the last day outpouring over Israel. It will be the greatest revival ever known and it’s going to happen soon. I also believe that I and many others from the Western world will be drawn to Israel to be part of it. We will see the Holy Spirit finishing what He started in Acts 2 with the outpouring in the upper room.