Adam Thompson – Adelaide, Australia

My name is Adam F. Thompson. I’m the co-author of “The Divinity Code to Understanding Dreams and Visions” and author of “The Supernatural Man”. The Lord has put it on my heart to release a prophetic word to the United States of America.

To begin, though, I want to remind you that Jesus often taught through parables, using metaphors of everyday life.

Today, the Holy Spirit can speak to us through metaphors in dreams and visions, and also in what I call ‘encounters’. In an encounter it feels like you’re present in the situation, actually seeing and hearing what is happening. I have experienced several of these.

On February 22nd 2014, I was in a deep sleep and suddenly found myself in a hotel room in the USA. It was so real, like I was actually there. It was an encounter. Throughout the encounter I not only heard every word but I could feel the atmosphere of the occasion.

I was watching Russell Crowe, the actor, speaking on Fox news, but it was as though he was speaking on every channel, CNN and others, all at the same time. Russell was crying. Not howling, but with tears running down his face and his mouth quivering. He was saying that America’s government has turned its back on its people, the elderly have been left to starve to death and people’s lives have been brought to ruin, including financial ruin.

Then he looked at the camera and said, “America, we’re going to make a stand. We, the people, declare war on the American government.”

As soon as he said that, I said, “Oh boy, something big is about to happen in America!” As I said this I snapped out of the encounter (or woke up, I’m not sure) but I was not in the hotel room anymore. I freaked out a bit because there was such urgency, plus I felt the Spirit of God on me.

Looking at the metaphors in the encounter, Russell Crowe could be a metaphor for the Gladiator as he is well known for starring in the roll in the movie of that name. The underdog (the gladiator) overthrew the dictator and gave the whole nation back to the republicans.

There’s a parable here. The Lord is showing me in this encounter that something big is about to happen. Interestingly, 2014 is also the year of the release of Russell Crowe’s movie ‘Noah’ which could be a metaphor for end times or a warning before the storm.

Now, I’m not an alarmist. I’m not the type of prophetic person to release warnings to bring fear and panic. I believe this is a word for people – Christians, believers, saints – to pray with great urgency.

We have the authority to reverse things in prayer – we do!

Ephesians 1 says we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies. And what I saw was happening in the spiritual atmosphere – the heavenlies. It was released to me – and I’m sure to many others around the world –as a call to prayer.

To continue with the metaphor of the gladiator: it seems to me that God is warning of an upheaval that – like civil war – would change the face of the nation. The sense is that to restore the USA back to its original calling as a strong Christian nation there would be great upheaval.

In bringing about such a revival the armies of heaven will have a greater impact on the nation than civil war did.

I should explain that I’m from a city called Adelaide, in Australia. I do have some family members in the USA but I’m largely detached from what happens there, so I was startled by this urgency to pray for her.

A friend reminded me of Amos 7 – God doesn’t do anything without revealing its mysteries to the prophets first. So I believe all over the world people are receiving similar words regarding the USA.

It’s time for people to pray for America. Saints everywhere must take up their swords, metaphorically, and pray with urgency that no one uses change and upheaval as an excuse for bloodshed and anarchy.

We Australians love the USA and we want to bless you. We will be praying for you.