Australian Leaders Advance
Belinda Crawford-Marshall

The Lord recently took me into a vision where I saw many leaders seated on horses. They stretched as far as the eye could see to my left and to my right. They were the leaders of God’s army. They had such intent in their eyes and were focused directly ahead.

I noticed that not one horse was jostling for position or taking off on its own. They all held fast knowing the timing and the need for one another to run as one.

The vision shifted and I saw from a higher viewpoint. The leaders on the horses stretched right around the entire coast of Australia, side-by-side, and all faced towards Uluru. When the last of these leaders took their place, I watched as Uluru lit up on fire!!

I heard the words; “A heart of stone turns to a heart of flesh. This nation is being set on fire!”

As one, the horses started to run towards the centre of Australia. The leaders’ hearts were evidently seeing the big picture, desiring for this nation to be transformed and to see His Kingdom come!

Each leader’s horse navigated different terrain. This was the terrain that had always been set before them, the terrain they were designed to take. I knew that this was a terrain that no other horse or leader could undertake to ride.

The last thing I noticed was all of the horses’ hooves. You could hear the power of the hooves as they hit the ground, but what was unusual was they were all covered with padding. I was puzzled why this was so and then became aware of the track left behind the horses. The environment where they had trodden had become pristine and the waters they had run through had turned crystal clear.

The leaders on the horses were advancing the Kingdom, taking and transforming the terrain and most importantly, not muddying the waters for those who followed in their stead.

Leaders, advance united!! Australia it is your time for transformation!!