C. James Graham

I was taken by the Lord in a vision to an open plain, I clearly saw the city of Paris on the horizon. I was with several other people, and we were all staring at the city in shock and disbelief. I could sense intercessory prayer, bold statements of faith, streams of love and prophetic words of encouragement flowing from us as a group.

I looked behind me and I saw a chasm open up behind the group. On the other side of the increasingly wide canyon, I saw more people. These ones had been tilling fields and they had stopped briefly and had bewildered looks on their faces.

As the chasm grew, these people were moved further away, and their voices became quiet and then were lost.

The Lord gave me a clear, simple and relevant interpretation which I believe is very important for the church globally.

Before I share this word, I want to acknowledge the words of encouragement, faith and victory that have come from the prophets. I wholeheartedly agree with these words, and I honor everyone who has sought the Lord for prophesies for Paris.

Soyez forts dans le Seigneur – Be Strong in the Lord
Those who know me personally, would know that Paris is my favorite city in the world. I am so saddened by what happened in January this year, and of course, this weeks attacks. My heart goes out to every Parisian – Soyez forts dans le Seigneur.

This is the direction I believe the Lord gave me to share: We must not neglect to pray for those people indirectly affected by this tragedy. Especially our brothers and sisters in the Lord who are working at great personal cost and risk within eastern nations of the world.

The Lord told me this – remember it is a battle for the Lost. The politics of the terror are a façade for a global spiritual agenda of the enemy to cause the West to abandon evangelism out of fear, and hatred.

The workers on the other side of the chasm
Missionaries and ministries have laid down their lives to bring the good news to the lost, despite the danger, and despite the social and political environment. The majority of them are wholly reliant on us for support. We must honor them through continuing to pray, give and encourage missionaries.

We must not let the horror of what has happened harden our hearts toward the lost nations and people groups – that is exactly the purpose for global terror.

Jesus never reacted in fear in the face of tragedy.
Consider Matthew 14 when Jesus heard of the beheading of John – he sort the Father for a time of intimacy and refreshing. Then He went out to heal and feed thousands. He modeled victory in the face of tragedy.

Domestically, we must continue to meet and reach out to people of other nations. No matter where we are, we can become purposeful in our reaction to this terror – and take the gospel to the lost.

Isaiah 60:1-3
“Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.
See, darkness covers the earth
and thick darkness is over the peoples,
but the Lord rises upon you
and his glory appears over you.
Nations will come to your light,
and kings to the brightness of your dawn.

Please consider finding a ministry or a missionary who is in a lost nation. Support them, make them a priority in your prayer life, sow financially into them, and help them to spread the gospel.

C James Graham is a prophetic voice in Australia, and a member of the Australian Prophetic Council. He and his wife Richelle are pastors at Glory City Church Brisbane, under the leadership of Pastor Katherine Ruonala.