The Golden Lion and His furnace of Grace
C. James Graham

In a vision I saw a golden image of a Lion, like a wall relief, standing over a fireplace. His legs were on either side, and His chin rested on the hearth. The chest of the lion was made like an iron grating, behind that was a blazing fire.

Two people sat with their backs to the lion, a man eating an apple, and a woman reading an old book. They were dressed in dusty clothing, and seemed sad.
I asked the Lord what He was showing me.

He said that some in the body have lost sight of their identity in Christ, they had forgotten the love God had for them, and had turned away from the fiery love (the Lion), – even though they still had the benefit of His warmth.

The man had become consumed with remorse by being deceived about sin. He didn’t consider himself dead to sin, (Romans 6:11) and whilst he still loved Jesus, he carried guilt and shame with him in his life. He had been deceived into believing that his sin nature was alive in him, and caused God to love him less.

The woman was reflecting on the disappointments she had experienced over the years. She had experienced things that did not align with the promises of the Word, and she had made her experiences a god, exalted above the Truth.

Then I saw prayers, worship and faith, like a sweet smell, reaching the nostrils of the Golden Lion. Tears rolled down the Lions face, and He let out a roar!.
The furnace gates on His chest flew open, and the fire flowed out on a river of life, straight from His breast.

In the river, there were tongues of fire, hearts of fire and books full of revelation.

The water rose as a wave and washed over the two people sitting before the fireplace.

It swept them up and thrust them both into a corridor of the brightest white. Their appearance changed and their clothes were renewed. They ran down the corridors shouting praises and worshipping God.

The purpose of the vision is to encourage us all, and is a call for us to lift up in prayer, and speak encouraging words of truth over our family of God. There is no room to judge another, because they have become battle weary, or the enemy has fooled them with lies. If we lift each other up, then we will all be revived!

By faith we laid hold of the promises of who we are in Christ – Holy, Blameless and Above Reproach. (Colossians 1:22)

We can shake off disappointment, and deception and recommit to being lovers of the truth, no matter what the circumstances might be.

New identities in Christ will be received by faith, and the fire of Gods love will flow afresh in the body of Christ.