Season of new alignment between Jesus and His Bride

C. James Graham


The Lord is drawing closer than ever to His Bride now, and everywhere people are encountering Him in their homes, churches and workplaces. There is a new alignment-taking place, rapidly. He has answered our call for intimacy, and now He is invading our atmosphere.

Seek His face. Behold His glory.

He is looking for His Bride to radiate a new Glory. As we approach Him with unveiled faces, as the word says in 2 Cor 3:18, we begin to radiate His glory anew.

“Behold, I do a new thing”.

Because His Presence is changing the atmosphere, a new alignment of heaven and earth can be sought, found and held by His grace. He makes it possible for us to walk with Him and exude heaven in our day-to-day lives. As Peter did, when His shadow healed the sick.

Expect a miracle breakthrough. He is ready to give in response to your immediate prayer. He is closer than a brother.

“Renew your faith in Me”

Because of this new alignment, the mysteries of the Word, and the provisions of heaven are colliding with the old thinking of earth, and where poverty, despair and hopelessness have been predominant, a fresh hope and sense of value in our future is being given to us, that we would establish it by faith.

In this season, His Peace and His joy are tangible for many. He is encouraging us all to get closer in fellowship with Him, to live within His peace, and to radiate the love and joy He carries and shares with us.

His whisper is this: “Draw close to Me”

“Believe me, Believe My word”.

(3 /12/2014).


C James Graham is a prophetic voice in Australia, and a member of the Australian Prophetic Council. He and his wife Richelle are pastors at Glory City Church Brisbane, under the leadership of Pastor Katherine Ruonala.