Mathew 7:7 – Ask and you will receive.
Carston Woodhouse

This is a time of dreaming, and asking.
A year of dreams that take flight, and promises fulfilled.

The enemy has come hard against many, and brought dark clouds, and rained down, but don’t be fooled – this is God’s season!
Even in the midst of trial begin to declare God dreams fulfilled and God’s promises for you for this year. This is a time of manifestation.
The enemy has come on strong to bewilder God’s people with tragedy, trial, and oppression….but it’s all just a smoke screen – especially in this is the hour of manifestation. This is the hour of favour!

Hold fast your confession of faith.
Worship in the dark nights.
Dance upon discouragement.
Celebrate the victory.

There were many deaths of parents and grand parents, as well as many celebrities at the end of 2016/beginning of 2017. This may have looked like the enemy was having it all his way, but God was not surprised, and there was long foretold a significant changing of the guard, as the baton (in many ways) was passed on to a new generation.

I saw significant favour release upon God’s people, especially in the next 2 years. Unprecedented prosperity.
There will be abundant seed to sow, especially into new ministries, and businesses.
I saw many new Church buildings being released.
Businesses and promises that many were beginning to feel would never come.

The enemy was trying his best to distract and discourage to try and get people to delay decisions and miss this season.
Now is the time. The time of stepping out into the dream!
As the people of God Step out, even in the midst of seeming chaos, not procrastinating, God is going to show favour, and make away. Don’t despise small beginnings.
I STRONGLY felt that decisions to simply step out in new initiatives would actually be the beginning the MASSIVE destiny – business, ministries, new directions.
Small leaps of faith into bold new territories (even while afraid) will rapidly snowball into great momentum.
I felt it was important that God’s people not allow actions, tragedy, circumstances, or even mistakes to make them feel disqualified from stepping boldly into these new destinies!