Chelsea Hagan

I feel this so strong in the spirit I just had to share it

I feel this word is just the very start of what God is wanting to do in this season-

I feel like this is a time of where the Father’s hearts are being awakened and turned back to their children, and the children’s hearts are being turned back to their Father’s. Luke 1:17

I saw like a complacency and distractions and being busy with work had really hit many Father’s over the last even decade. And I saw the Holy Spirit awakening the Father’s with a deep stirring in their hearts.

I saw them WAKE UP like they had been slumbering for years. I saw instant clarity and vision and passion coming back and their eyes being wide open and straight away looking at their families. I saw Father’s grieved and weeping and suddenly realising their families were torn apart or were together but each person independent of one another, all doing their own thing there was no unity, vision or intimacy with each other. I saw house upon house living spiritually seperate under the one roof. I saw the Father’s immediately realising and I saw them jump up and started to gather their families once again to bring unity and restoration, to bring back connection and the warmth of a family. I saw through this move of God that it would affect generations as each generation was fully restored and reconnected by the Father’s new hearts. Then I saw an army of men immediately begin to rally their families together once again, side by side with their wives,

every age group from the oldest to the youngest standing as one for Jesus!!

Everyone was counted for. I saw like Ezekiel dead men’s bones coming to life to be clothed as a formidable Army.

I saw men standing up everywhere and take the lead again spiritually in their homes, I saw Fathers reawakened to the tender heart of God. I saw Fathers weep at the realisation of the state of their families and I saw them start to teach their children again, pray with their families again, laugh again, share the word again, worship again. I saw Homes being filled and overflowing with the glory of God. I saw time being sown into these families again.

I saw hopelessness and complacency being replaced with fresh hope and new vision and feverant fire burning in hearts of the Fathers. I saw a new mercy and compassion causing Fathers hearts to come alive once again. I saw the defenders and protectors were back and a force to be reckoned with – I saw them fighting with such love so their families were back together in unity. I saw Fathers everywhere begin to stand up in their full armour ready to do battle for their families and marriages.

I saw strong families, strong marriages, strong generations standing together arm in arm in love, and in unity.

I saw so much JOY break out, many, many, tears of restorations and reconciliations, I saw incredible healing of hearts and restoration of broken, torn apart, disfunctional families and marriages. I saw the prodigals come home, the wayward sons and daughters returned. I also saw what seemed in the natural irreparable families and marriages being supernaturally knit back together.

Father’s it’s time for you to take your rightful place as the head of the house. You are honoured dearly loved and appreciated!!