To all you “Eschet Chayil” – WOMAN OF VALOUR
Chelsea Hagen

This is for you – Mighty woman of God!!
I HEAR the Holy spirit saying – Rise up now into your rightful places daughters and be confident knowing that God has called you for “such a time as this”. God is gathering a company of woman and calling forth woman’s destinies which have laid dormant and inactive for years!

Sweet Holy Spirit is breathing AFRESH on passions and desires and long forgotten dreams in your hearts and he is going to cause them to come alive once again. I see Him setting a new deep love in each ones hearts for God and for others, a deeper love to cherish and support each other with no fear or comparison.

I see a greater UNITY a supernatural unity among the woman being poured out to encourage, strengthen and edify one another. I see genuine heartfelt celebration when one is exalted. I see God bringing woman into a place of such joy and confidence where each woman knows her own worth and value from heaven. I see a greater depth and understanding of God’s incredible love tenderly touching each daughter. God is absolutely pursuing and wooing his daughters back to first love fire in the secret places with Him.

He is bringing woman back to a place of simplicity to treasure His word and prayer communion and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I see God rearranging schedules and calendars and bring back an ease to loving God first, first priority, first place.
God is calling His warriors forth into their prophetic destiny the plan that he had for your life before the foundations were even laid. Well before you were in your mothers womb He knew you, He called you and He ordained you!! You belong to the KING!!!
God is calling you forth out of the shadows. I see God strategically placing women in great places of leadership and influence like an invading Holy Ghost army of truth and grace bearers.

Take heart Daughters ❤️God doesn’t want you to live discouraged and disheartened anymore but encouraged and strengthened. Take heart YOU are seen and you are heard…. God has not forgotten you. God has a glorious plan for your life.
THIS VERY HOUR God is raising up his daughters to take the land, to take the ground that’s been stolen through countless generations before us. Where woman have not been seen, not been heard and not been honoured. God is releasing His secret weapon His daughters. He is saving the best for last, a mighty Army for the end days!!

I see the enemy terrified and fleeing in seven ways as the woman realise who they actually are and rise up to their God given Authority.
I hear the Holy Spirit declaring to all woman that our latter years THIS generation and the coming generations would be far greater and do more damage to the kingdom of darkness than we had every imagined or thought possible. Rise up precious Daughters!!! Your time is now!!