A Date with Destiny
Cheryl Lindley

While flying back home to Australia from the USA, I crossed the International Date Line and saw that I had also just crossed from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere. At this realisation, I heard the Lord speak to me. He said:

“You have just leapt forward into a new date – a date with destiny!! A date that will rock your world and rock the world around you.

It is an eruption, an explosion of the Spirit that will send shock waves like an atomic bomb around the nations!

Australia and the lands of the South Pacific, prepare, for I have chosen you, I have called you by name and you are mine. I am setting a blast in the midst of my people for I desire to effect and infect the world with the blast of my Holy Spirit from your nations.

Surely you have a delightful inheritance, A date with destiny is at hand!

Canberra: – you will be jolted!

Sydney: – ( northern beaches) you will feel the blast. – Bondi: your time has come! Henceforth and from this time on, nations will pay attention and people’s will come from around the globe to see what my Spirit is doing.

Launceston: you are ready and you will ride the wave of my sonic blast!

Coober Pedy & Outback indigenous towns scattered across my nation Australia, will rally to the sound of the blast that will reverberate through the nation.
Kyogle – unknown, but forgotten no more. You will erupt in praise, a triumph of my mercy.

The Kimberly’s – will resound with the sound and perpetuate the sound of the furthering of my Kingdom.

Collinsville (Qld & SA) – I know you! Charleville – I see you! Torrens (SA) – You’re mine! The Outback Plains and rivers will run with My glory!
Arise, Shine, your light has come and the glory of who ‘I AM’ and the power of the great ‘I AM’ explodes in you with force and fury to irradiate the Kingdom of Darkness and bring the power and prominence of the Kingdom of My dear Son.

Rejoice! Shout! Dance! Your time has come! Your date with destiny has arrived!

The far reaches of the Murrumbidgee prepare for war! You will conqueror the land in this season.

Opal discoveries will be made, for I am releasing treasures from the darkness and the land known for Opals (Australia) will release her treasures to a dying world.

New Zealand get ready, you have been shaken and in the shaking I have refined you to purpose and influence.

Fiji – find your feet, take your stand, you are not least among your brothers. Arise on the tsunami tide of my glory as it hits your shoreline.

Vanuatu – you have been battered and broken and the enemy has asked to sift you, but I am brining you forth as a nation that cannot be stopped. As the nation from which the South lands of the Holy Spirit have been called. I am using you to call again a people back to life, back to glory.

Your glory will shine, My glory will rise over you and the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings. From your brokenness, will come strength. For those who are weak, let them say, ‘I am strong’, as you rely on me and My power to restore your nation, and to revive an inheritance long due.

Philippines – Although you sit in the north, east of the Pacific, there will be a convergence from North to South that will catapult a move of God across your nation and bring down the enemies of your soul. Corruption, false religions & cults, doctrines of demons and heresy will flee your land as my power explodes in your midst. Awake! Awake! put off your slumber, throw off your night attire – dress for battle, dress in your stately robes, prepare for my coming – for I will surely arrive among you and you will not be ashamed if you prepare yourself now!!!

‘Awake, O Israel, my covenant people, body of Christ,
Put off your slumber,
The truth will set you free
For out of Zion comes your deliverer.
It’s the year of Jubilee!!!’”