Cyclone Debbie: A Prophetic Parallel
Cheryl Lindley

He’s Coming on the Clouds – Kings and Kingdoms will bow down!!
Cyclone Debbie is a prophetic picture of the statement that God spoke for this year!!
‘He’s coming on the clouds – Kings and Kingdoms will bow down!!!

In Ps.29, we read of God displaying His power. He is doing that across the nations in every dimension of life; political and social.

Please be assured, I am not saying that God sent cyclone Debbie to bring havoc and destruction.
I am simply using what we are seeing in the natural as a prophetic glimpse of what is happening in the spiritual realm.

In this year of God (777) we are seeing God step down into earth to interrupt the course of history and to shift his people and nations out of old oppressive man made structures and into overcoming freedom and victory!!

When God moves into the earth, he moves on the storm. 2 Sam 22:10 – 51!!!!
Cyclone Debbie, coming from the north east and coming into Australia, is a prophetic picture declaring God himself is moving in Australia Now and it’s giving us insight into How He is moving at this time!

Cyclone Debbie was a large system with a wide eye. I hear God saying:
My eye is upon you Australia. In the midst of the storm I am your safe place, I am your calm and I am doing among you what only I can do!!!
I am shaking and shifting, I am uprooting and pulling down old structures. I am levelling old systems and moving waterways and boundaries that have been erected that have not been in line with my plans and purposes for this nation.

This nation has run ahead relying on her own understanding and has established unrighteous boundaries and unjust laws that are oppressing my people and the people of the land. The minorities and the poor are burdened by what officials are seeking to help them with.

My people are oppressed. Authorities have thrown off the restraints of godly laws and have allowed the enemy to pillage and rob from this land and from my people.

I AM enlarging and intensifying My presence in Australia now. I have My eye upon the nations. MY EYE IS ON YOU! Australia!.’ I am looking to see how you will respond to My presence, for I come with an invitation to KNOW Me and make Me KNOWN.

As the stormed raged, we were cautioned to stay inside. In fact for 3 days, most all of Queensland was in doors!! I believe God is speaking that in this time of blowing winds, flying debris, and shifting structures, we are to cleave to him.

‘You are the apple of My eye.’ Sons and daughters of God, in the midst of the storm, I am your calm. I am your peace. I am your safe place.
Come close to me. Stay close to me. I am calling you closer to listen for my voice. I am in your midst ‘ to show you great and mighty things that you do not know!!! ‘ (Jer.33:3)
Position yourself in Me, in the ‘eye’ of the storm and stay at peace. Gain faith, insight and great clarity for your future.

In the fury of the storm, structures begin to shake and shudder. Unstable structures are bought down. In the midst of the storm there is an opportunity for change. The wind and waves give opportunity for everything that does not have a solid foundation to be moved.

I am rising in the midst of the storm to shift and change, to uproot and pull down the ungodly structures that have contained my people and kept them living outside of my will and purposes. The church in many ways have abandoned righteous laws and gone after gods of prosperity and wealth and riches that are not gods at all. Self has been manifest in this nation and my people do not represent me as they should.

I am rising across this nation to show myself as the God of this nation. I will rescue the poor and oppressed, for I have heard their cry and I have come to pull my people up out of the oppression and into the light of my love and my glory.

I am riding on the wings of the wind and I will make myself known across this nation and the things that are not built on a firm foundation will topple and you will see my righteous right arm in the midst of the storm.

You will see my people who know me, rise into prominent positions, for I am positioning My people to effect change across this land and to bring Australia into position. You will see this land change. The status quo is sifting and I will have my nation back: Secure and founded upon righteous foundations, that are the foundations of my throne.

For I am am raising up a holy nation, to call other nations of the earth to align with my kingdom so that I may establish my throne in the midst of the nations.

In the midst of the storm, God is showing himself strong to bring down old unrighteous structures that have built up around us and are now containing us and limiting our freedom.

God is allowing the storms. He is using the whirlwinds to stir and shift the status quo. The current status quo is hostile to the things of God. Ungodly structures that need demolishing are being bought down, so that God’s Kingdom, laid on the foundations of righteousness and justice can be established in your life and in this nation.

For you will command a new future and a new way for the new era. Command new righteous paths and erect the ancient boundaries and gates across the land that I have positioned and that were my original intent for this nation. The ancient paths must be re established and the ancient boundary stones set in place!!

Cyclone Debbie, is highlighting the Prophet Deborah in Judges 4.
The people of Israel lived under much oppression until Deborah chose to take a stand.
’Until I Deborah arose, arose a mother in Israel!’
Cyclone Debbie has made her presence felt across Australia. It is time for the women warriors of this nation to make their presence felt!!!

It is time for each ‘mother’ to rally the troops to fight, for it is time to shift the course of this nation!!
Women of God, Mothers, Prophets, Leaders, Righteous Judges, Women with the voice of the Lord in their mouths, all across Australia, It’s time to take a stand!!
I AM going before you to give you favour. I have fashioned and formed you , I have prepared you and you have come to this generation and this nation, for such a time as this.
Do NOT waiver and do not fear and do not doubt that I have called you to the battle lines in this day!!
Rise in your authority as mothers of this nation. You who have a heart for the nation and the generations, you who are leaders, gather your troops. It is time to rise up together and enforce the victory of the Lord across the nation!

‘One day she (Deborah) sent for Barak….. Call out 10,000 warriors!!!
Then Deborah said to Barak, Get ready!! This is the day the Lord will give you victory over Sisera, for the Lord is marching ahead of you!!! ‘so Barak led his 10,00 warriors down the slopes of Mt. Tabor into battle’ (Judges 4:14)

It is time for War!!
I AM calling my warriors, to stand in your authority in the land. Those with authority to lead, stand in your righteousness and in the call of God upon your life. Stand in your mantel, take up your shield, it is time to go to war!!
Deborah’s rise across the land. Make your presence felt!! You who have heard from heaven, it is time to implement the strategy you have heard and enforce victory over the enemy.
Take up your courage, speak to the Barak’s in your sphere of authority. Call them to rally the troops. You who are leaders, rally the troops!!
You who are the Barak’s across the nation. You who have troops that you have equipped and trained, now is the time to call them to war!!
You who are warriors, Hear the word of the Lord. It is time for war!! It is time to fight!!

God has called us to a ‘battle’ in this season. He is planning to win the war over this nation. His plan is to shift out the powers of the enemy that are oppressing this nation and re-establish our nation as a righteous nation with godly laws under godly government.
He is planning on sifting this nation to the ways of His Kingdom, so that all people may live free from oppression and strife.

He is calling His people NOW!! Now is the opportune time!!
God has already given us a strategy for the battle.
He had said, take 12 days and enthrone me in praise at the Heart (Uluru), the Gates ( 12 strategic locations) and the Hill ( the hill of government -Canberra).
However the Lord has been highlighting that there are not only gates at the port cities of the nation, but there are gates to the 7 mountains, there are gates at the north, south, east and westerly points. There are also strategic gates, all across the inland of our nations where indigenous nations have meet around waterholes and sacred sights for thousands of years.
There is opportunity to enthrone Jesus all across this nation in every location you believe is strategic to the Kingdom!!

Barak, rallied 10,000 troops. Can we find 10,000 troops across this nation, who will rise an an army over the 12 days of Oct.31st – Nov.11?
Can we rally across this nation in key locations, lift high praises that enthrone Jesus and make decrees to shift this nation back under the government of God?

Hear the word of the Lord! Hear what the Spirit is saying to the church!
Hear the trumpet call!!
There is a sound of marching in the poplar trees!! (2Sam.5:24)
The Lord, as he did for Barak, is surely marching ahead of us, his army!!!
Troops, man your posts!! Take up your authority!!
Warriors Arise!!! It’s time for War!!