Word for Australia – April 2015 – Cheryl Lindley

“The winds of change are blowing throughout your land – they are blowing to make way for my plans and purposes to be established.

I have not given up on Australia – though she has rejected me and has gone her way and walked her own paths, I have not forgotten my promises to the mothers and forefathers of this land. I have heard the cries of my people who have cried out and are dedicated to calling this land back into my ways.

The winds of change are blowing and in these you will see my hand and my protection come to this land in a new way.

Political shifts will continue to occur – all that is happening is not the result of my governance – for their is another power that the people have allowed to rule over them – it is the power of mammon – greed and the hunger to gain wealth has a stronghold on this nation. There is a menacing self interest that Is pulling down righteous structures in the land. For Australia to stand and to stand in her destiny as a nation dedicated to my plans and purposes, much must shift in the hearts and minds of my people.

Bring a sacrifice of praise, build an alter throughout the nation and let me answer by fire to turn the hearts and minds of the people to the knowledge of their God.

The land is crying out for help. There is devastation throughout the land and I would say to you,
‘Drink deeply of me, find my will and my ways so that you hear clearly the cry of the heart of the Father for the land of Australia and rise to declare freedom and life to a nation’.

This nation is being chocked by the devastation of the land because of the unrighteous judgements made down the generations, not just in the courts but in the hearts of the people.

They have judged neighbours, they have judged families, they have judged their own families, they have made judgement against their leaders and the authorities over them and they have bought great curses upon the land.

The land is crying out for release and it is you, the people of God who hold they key. You hold the key of David – a key of courage, a key of worship, a key of rejoicing and dance.

Release my chosen ones to dance and release praise and worship across the land for it is time to usher in a new day of the presence of the Lord across Australia.

Do you not know have you not heard, the Lord is the Lord of the nations!! Enthrone Me in your dance, enthrone me in your worship, enthrone me in your praise and I will establish my throne and my presence in this land. Do not doubt that it can be done.

Rise up Australia and build my throne in your midst and I will occupy your land. As a nation, known for worship and praise, lead the way for other nations to rise up. Criss cross my land with praise and give me an offering due my name.’