While in Melbourne as I was waiting on the Lord in prayer, He spoke the word, “Docklands,” to me. He then took me to the coastline of southwestern Victoria where we flew about a 100 feet above the shoreline. We followed a clockwise direction around the coast line of Australia. We flew above the shores of South Australia, WA, NT, QLD, NSW, then Victoria. As I got closer to the town of Mallacoota, I started to sense an intensity grow. When I researched into the history of Mallacoota I found out that a satellite airfield was constructed in this town during World War II for the purpose of coastal defense.

I crossed the Bass Straight where I felt and could see a whirlwind rushing around Tasmania. The whirlwind flow was anti-clockwise. The whirlwind went around Tasmania many times. There was an intensity building. There is a fire in Tasmania that is stirring. The mainland needs coals that will come out of the fires in Tasmania.

The first thing the Lord showed me, was how vast the borders of Australia are. He also said that we needed to set up a defense by speaking to the docklands and the coastlines and pray for His hedge of protection. As a country we have allowed all sorts of foreign gods and pollution into this nation. There has not been an adequate spiritual hedge. Now is the time to set watchmen up around this nation.

Then I saw angels stationed around the coastline facing outwards towards the sea as a line of defense. My impression was that as we prayed for the spiritual protection of the nation, He would raise up His host of warrior angels.

The direction I travelled was significant. The clockwise rotation we travelled over mainland Australia speaks of a low pressure weather system. The significance of an anticlockwise whirlwind over Tasmania denotes a high pressure system. As it is in the natural with the science of weather, high pressure air always flows to low pressure. Like a balloon being let go, the high pressure air in the balloon is released to the surrounding low pressure atmosphere. So it shall be with Tasmania. The high pressure presence of His Spirit will flow into the northern states of mainland Australia.

Tasmania is known by different slogans or nicknames such as, The Apple Isle, and the Island of Inspiration. It’s official motto is Ubertas et Fidelitas (Fertility and Faithfulness).

I believe Tasmania is an apple of the Lord’s eye, a spiritually fertile region, birthing ministries and great men and women of God who will bless the whole of Australia and bring the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. While for a long time, Tasmania has been overlooked or not held in the same regard as the northern states, a season is coming when God will use this island state to bring His fire to the nation.