Response toward ISIS
Chris Turner

I was asking The Lord what should our response be over the ISIS killings of innocents and Christians in the Middle East. He said Mark 6:25. This scripture talks about John the Baptist, and how he was beheaded. John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way of The Lord. These beheading’s are a SIGN that The Lord is coming back and the time is very soon! The church needs to prepare the way for Him to come again!It’s not a time to delay but a time to Arise and Shine! Wake up to the reality of who she is in Christ! Take up her true Power & Authority! The Lord wants to show himself strong in these days and He is actively looking for people He can upgrade in His Power & Authority!

Yes it’s a terrible tragedy what is happening. I asked a preacher once, who was on the front lines of martyrdom, how he felt about coming that close to death so many times for Jesus, and he said “if they kill me they will only promote me!” With a great big smile on his face.
The scripture tells us to live is Christ and to Die is gain! Let us not get caught up on earthly things but pray for our brothers and sisters and keep pressing forward in Love and Good Deeds! There is a mighty harvest coming and we must be ready!

I pray peace and protection to our brothers and sisters in the Middle East!