A word concerning the times and the death of John Paul Jackson.

I shared with a friend how I had been seeing 11 everywhere, which speaks to me of the 11th hour, the importance of knowing time is short and staying focused on the Lord. He agreed but shared that he had been seeing 11 turning into 12 on the clock a numbered of times. That week I had seen the time 1:11 turn into 1:12 three times. Then I heard the sad news of John Paul Jackson’s passing. Something in my spirit said this is significant. I began thinking about what this could mean and remembered John Paul sharing about an encounter his mother had with an angel while he was still in the womb. The angel said he was called to be an 11th hour prophet and that he would be in the womb for a literal 11 months as a prophetic sign of his call. This got me thinking, and I instantly remembered 11 turning into 12! John Paul Jackson was called to be an 11th hour prophet and he has passed away. I believe this symbolizes the time has come! The 11th hour is over and we have literally entered a new time and season in The Lord – the last great move of the Spirit has begun. As another indication, you will begin to see many more blind eye’s being healed all over the world, as this was a miracle significant to Jesus (it had never been done until Jesus came to earth) and will be another indication of the increase of His manifest presence here on the earth. More and more signs will follow those who believe as the hour has come and the MOVE OF THE SPIRIT HAS BEGUN!