Chris Turner

Angels are in the outfield, and they’re coming in. For the last few weeks I can’t shake the strong sense that The Father has been releasing more angels into the playing field (Earth). This and similar words have been confirmed and released by other prophets like Lana Vawser and Rebecca Daminopolis. This prophetic word is for the global church family all across the earth but I felt it specifically over south-east Queensland.

I saw a whirldwind of a cloud starting to appear over the city of Brisbane much like a twister, and I felt God has set up a JACOB’S LADDER in the Spirit! Angels began flooding in as the heavens were opened. He is releasing more angels into the Earth like never before! This is because He is preparing to move in the Earth in a very powerful and fresh way and the angelic increase is to help prepare the way for this outpouring. I felt many men and women of God, who were moving forward into the things of God, who were actively seeking the will of the Father were going to be giving more angels assigned to their life and ministry. THE MORE OF GOD IS HERE! An indeed many people have already felt an increase in their life in the spirit over the past few weeks and I believe this has a lot to do with it!

God is looking to increase you and advance you in His Kingdom of light! To prepare the way for a mighty outpouring such as the world has not seen before and He’s looking for the ones scaling up the mountain to release THE MORE. More Angels, more anointing, more visions and more dreams!!! Perhaps you’ve noticed you’re dreaming more too. To him who has more will be given (Matthew 13:12) And all it takes for you to be in this category to receive THE MORE is to say ‘Yes’ to God in this season!

This picture was taken today, as a sign in the heavens of what He’s doing in the Earth! Blessings!