Chris Turner

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The move of the Spirit has begun! We are seeing more eyesight restored than ever before as I had recently prophesied would be a sign of what He is pouring out.

The enemy is aware of this too, and is very afraid of the church moving into the fullness of this coming outpouring. If you have been feeling attack recently in terms of fatigue, financial distress, relationship strains then rejoice! And again I say rejoice, the enemy has been working overtime to try and hit you where it hurts, but he’s not taking a single thing away from those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose! We must rejoice and continue to move in the Spirit, we must be steadfast in prayer, worship and our time in the scriptures!

We win this fight by taking Authority in the spirit, over our flesh and mind. Lester Summerall once asked Smith Wigglesworth, how he was feeling, Smith’s reply was “I don’t ask Wigglesworth how he’s feeling, I tell him!” That kind of Authority over our lives and rejoicing in the Truth of who He is and what He has done will send that enemy packing. Once again I reiterate on previous words that this is a year of Great Expectations! Stand fast in The Lord and watch His goodness prevail in the land of the living!!!

Chris Turner