Chris Turner

I have recently come into a much deeper desire to keep things clean and organised. I was even staying in a hotel apartment recently, I was told not to worry about the dishes and everything but I still felt the need to make sure my bed was made, dishes were washed. Just this week I have seen 3 friends post about cleaning their room and re-organising it. My work colleague also admitted to me that in the last week he spent the time cleaning his room and together we cleaned out his work van and found a home for everything. It had been a long time before he had done that!

Now first comes the natural, then the spiritual (1 Corinthians 15:46)

I firmly believe this mirror’s the desires we have in the spirit. It is the season for an increased level in holiness. The things you were fine to watch, and listen too in the last season may not be okay in this season as God calls us deeper. I have felt the importance and need in this season to live a holy and pure life before God, catching every little fox that seeks to destroy the vine. We do this by understanding and recognising that our lives and our identity are found in Christ. YOU ARE already holy and pure through your faith in Christ Jesus, and we pursue this understanding passionately not out of legalism to get God to love us but because we are in love with Him and don’t wish to have anything that isn’t pertaining to God hanging around our lives. Listen to what The Lord is saying in this season and pursue fervently the kingdom of God and Righteousness first and before anything else because God has a lot of adding to do for your life this year… Watch Out for His Blessings and Goodness because it’s coming!!! AMEN!