So I can’t shake the impression of a refining coming to the body of Christ, and indeed it has already begun! Many words have come forth about promotion, blessing and inheritance, but to whom much is given much is required. Whatever God is releasing to you in this season He is not careless, He will refine you! So He can take you to the next level and know you ARE prepared for it! Like removing the outer layers of an onion He bring forth more of your character and purity in Christ. These processes of refining are not always easy, but I believe if we can, first of all, recognise what the Lord is doing in this season and what the refining is, and not resist it but rather embrace it, it will bring about a quicker release into the things the Lord has for you in 2015. There is a need to pay closer attention to the still small voice and be obedient to His direction! Submit everything to the Lord and He will make straight paths for you!!!

Chris Turner