Christy Johnston


A number of days ago, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and simply said this: “My chosen remnant is emerging and arising in My Great Southland.” In the days since, He has shown me pictures of His Bride in Australia that is awakening to this hour and I want to share these pictures with you.


I first saw a picture of scattered churches and sanctions of His bride, His beloved ones… some were joined together, but a vast majority of others were separated and divided against one another, huddled in their own corners refusing to cross the boundary lines that divided them, and I felt the grief of the Holy Spirit over this, BUT I heard His whisper of hope, “watch what I am about to do.” I then saw a field of wheat, and it was scattered in sections much like how I saw the churches. There were huddles of wheat here, there and everywhere, when all of a sudden, I watched the Holy Spirit begin to move like a gentle but powerful breeze, and effortlessly, He began gathering and bringing the wheat TOGETHER, moving them out from their divisions and into ONE unified and whole plantation of wheat, until it joined together as one as vast and wide as the eye could see.

I then heard the Holy Spirit say once again, “My chosen ones, my chosen remnant, it is time to emerge and arise throughout My Great Southland.” I then saw another vision of sleeping soldiers, they were lying down in the battlefield, when a battle call rang out across the fields. At first the call was soft and it woke only a small handful of soldiers, but as time went on, the call grew louder and louder until it was deafening. Every single soldier, sons and daughters alike, jumped awake and stood alert, armed with supernatural armor, but what stood out to me was their swords. The Holy Spirit spoke to me, “They are armed with my Spirit to cut down every lofty stronghold in this nation.” I watched as they began to move in unison across the map of Australia until they had touched every square inch, from the red dust plains to the sweeping shorelines right down to Tasmania, not one inch was spared as this mighty army of glory moved through with their swords.

Everywhere their feet touched, I watched as the ground turned from a dry desert into flowing springs gushing with water and flourishing gardens began springing up everywhere. This army was not warring against people, they were moving to destroy demonic strongholds over regions and everywhere they went, they dispensed the love of the Father and His light through them invaded the darkness causing whole cities to transform in a moment.


I also saw scrolls representing governmental legislations that were in the hands of the enemy, he had stolen them and they were under his tyranny, but up until now, the army of sleeping soldiers had not retrieved them. However, when the remnant army of truth defenders awoke and began to move, the ground beneath where these scrolls were held began to quake and shake. In a sheer panic, the enemy tried to hide these legislations, trying to push them into action ‘under the radar’, but the light that shone through the remnant army began to shine on what was hidden and brought it to the surface. I then saw a team moving into governmental influence supernaturally, and I heard the words ‘special force units’, the Holy Spirit showed me that this faction of His remnant army are those who have been anointed with a Kingdom assignment for government. They moved in to governmental domains swiftly and gained favor unexpectedly as the power of the Holy Spirit was upon them, and I saw that they retrieved the scrolls of legislation that had been under the influence of the enemy. Amazingly, the moment the scrolls were in the hands of the righteous remnant, I saw blindfolds fall to the ground all over the nation and suddenly people could ‘see’ the truth.


I believe the Holy Spirit is raising up His remnant right now, those who refuse to back down on His truth, those who refuse to concede His Word and the principles within it. He is raising up a remnant army of truth, founded on His love. They will stand up and decree His truth. This is a remnant army that will move in love to those around them, but in sheer force against the realm of darkness that is working to enslave the nation of Australia. I believe we are going to begin to see churches coming together in such an unprecedented movement that it will bring reformation to the Bride of Christ in Australia. The mission of Jesus is colliding across every denomination; to see Jesus lifted high over this beautiful nation.

I believe an army of His chosen ones, you and I, are awaking to the call to pick up the sword of His spirit and wield it over our cities, not to destroy our cities or people, but to destroy the strongholds and lies that have sought to enslave and disunite. I believe we are in an incredible time in history where we will witness Jesus proclaimed over this nation as His remnant arises in splendor, truth and light. Are you a part of this remnant? All He asks is a surrendered yes. Do not fear this hour as Elijah once feared the time he was living. Look at what God spoke to him:

“You are not alone. For I have preserved a remnant for myself – seven thousand others who are faithful and have refused to worship Baal.” And that is but one example of what God is doing in this age of fulfillment, for God’s grace empowers his chosen remnant.’ –Romans 11:4-5 TPT

Watch Him move through you as He unites us as one to destroy the works of darkness and spread the message of His love from the red dust plains to the sweeping shorelines right down to Tasmania. We are in a time of harvest, and with harvest also comes the tares, but do not fear the tares, for His remnant is arising and His spirit is moving and breathing to remove anything that would seek to strangle out His Spirit reviving hearts to the truth and beauty of Jesus.

I want you to read the lyrics to this song written by Steve Grace. The Holy Spirit reminded me of this song at the recent Australian Prophetic Summit and I believe it is a prophetic declaration for NOW:

This is our nation, this is our land,
This is our future, this is our hope.
A land of reaping, a land of harvest,
This is our land, this is our home.

This is the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit,
A land of red dust plains and summer rains,
To this sun-burnt land we will see a flood,
And to this Great Southland, His Spirit comes.

Verse 2:
This is our nation, this is our land,
This land of plenty, this land of hope.
The richest harvest is in her peoples,
We see revival, His Spirit comes.

Verse 3:
This is our nation, this is our land,
This lucky country, of dreams gone dry,
And to these people we see a harvest,
And to this land, revival comes.