Christy Johnston


I was standing on a beach with Nate and my daughters a number of days ago and we were watching the planes fly in as the girls played in the water. This particular beach is fairly close to an airport, and right where we were standing, the planes fly very low overhead as they come in to land. As one plane approached from a way off, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit say; “watch as the sound goes ahead of the plane.”

I looked across and could see this plane still quite far off, when suddenly the roar of its jets broke through our immediate atmosphere, despite how far away it appeared, it sounded close. The Holy Spirit wasn’t teaching me a simple science lesson, but rather I knew He was sharing a revelation with me. He repeated what He said and then told me this: “My NEW SOUND is going ahead of an awakening of my Glory, it’s closer than you think.” He continued to speak to me as the plane sped overhead.

I believe right now, the sound of His glory is rumbling, shaking and roaring into atmospheres all over the earth. It is breaking through barriers and preparing the way as we are moving into a NEW and unprecedented season unlike any that has been seen before. The SOUND that is being released is preceding the mighty plane that’s coming in to land, it’s a carrier of His glory and His voice is echoing out like a wave, beginning to awaken hearts all across the earth. Do you hear it?

It does not sound like what we have heard before, so do not be looking for the past way of revivals because this is entirely dependant upon the movings of the Holy Spirit. The surrendered ones will be the carriers, those that are not looking to control or manipulate what He is doing, the jet plane of His glory will land upon them, the lovers and protectors of His presence. They will run with His glory to the far corners of the earth and spread His sound of awakening to all.

Do you hear it beloved ones? Do you hear the sound that is roaring, growing louder and louder?

He is calling you, His surrendered ones, will you be the carriers of His heart? Will you lay down what and how you thought He will move and trust Him with the space to move as He pleases? Will you be the carriers of His sound? Will you speak of His love and release it to those around you? Will you be the awakened ones whose fire and passion for their Bridegroom King awakens and stirs the hearts of others? For it is you He is longing for, it is you He has chosen. Arise beloved, and put your ear to the sky, something fresh and new is roaring into your atmosphere.

As for me, I’m saying ‘yes!’ How about you? 🙋🏽🙋🏾‍♂️ – Christy Johnston ❤️

(Revelations 2:29 Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.)