You Are In A Divine Season of SHIFT
Christy Johnston


Recently I keep encountering the word SHIFT and I believe the Holy Spirit is breathing His life and revelation over this word at the moment as He is supernaturally moving things into place in your life. The areas that have been out of focus, out of order and in disarray are being realigned, rearranged and repositioned as He prepares you for what He has destined for you in 2018.

This season will require leaps of your faith as He divinely leads you into new territory, favor, and authority. I believe this season also requires surrender and trust, as things may look a little different to how you previously have known them to be. However, do not fret, because God is moving and shuffling things around strategically into a place that will work to your advantage. I see that different and unexpected opportunities will open to you as you lean into His voice and follow His leading. I feel the movement and stirring of His spirit as He accelerates His direction over the lives of His sons and daughters. This next season you are crossing into is going to be one of taking back ground. Whatever ground was lost or stolen in the past year will be gained back in fast momentum. The path is being illuminated before you and He is causing you to run faster and further over this coming year by His supernatural grace.

Things are going to SHIFT so fast in the coming days and months as you move into the new season of 2018, a time of new beginnings. Let go of what was, for you cannot carry the weight and luggage of past disappointments through the doors He is opening before you. I encourage you to fiercely take hold of this word for I feel His presence weightily as I write this. He is SHIFTING you… are you ready?!